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Learning your way around the BlackBerry Z10

Learning your way around the BlackBerry Z10
Get the most out of BlackBerry’s latest smartphone with these 3 simple steps.

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The first smartphone to have the honour of representing the new OS, the BlackBerry Z10, is an all-touch device that is completely devoid of any front buttons. This, of course, begs the question - how does one use it?  

1. Time to wake up

Instead of pressing the power button and unlocking the phone the usual way, BlackBerry Z10 gives you the freedom to bypass the lockscreen and get straight into your homescreen by using a simple gesture. To do so, you'll need to swipe your finger from the BlackBerry logo towards the top of the screen.

BlackBerry wake gesture
While it might seem trivial at first, you'll soon learn that not having to reach for the sleep / wake button every time you want to use your Z10 is a truly liberating difference.

2. Multitask all the way

Thanks to the completely revamped BlackBerry 10 experience, the Z10 is able to handle true multitasking. This means that apps can continue working even when they are in minimised, i.e., running in the background. To make jumping from one application to another as effortless as possible, BlackBerry implemented the so-called “Active Frames” feature.
Active Frames gesture
To access “Active Frames” from within any application, simply swipe up from the bottom bezel of the screen. You'll be presented with 4 panels that correspond to the apps you have currently running in the background. Simply scroll down this list to see the next four apps you've got open.
Active Frames view

While in the “Active Frames” view, you can close your open apps by touching the 'x' symbol in the bottom right corner of the panel. If you want to open a new app, a swipe to the left of the screen will move you into the unified list of all your installed applications.

3. Access the BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Hub is where all the action happens on the BlackBerry Z10. Your missed calls, voice mails, text messages, social network notifications - essentially any piece of information that demands your attention are processed through here, making the BlackBerry Hub an incredibly important component in the new BlackBerry experience.

BlackBerry Hub gesture
You can jump into the BlackBerry Hub from anywhere on your BlackBerry Z10. Start sliding your finger from the bottom of the screen until the view shrinks to show your notifications. While you’re still holding your finger on the screen, swipe to the right to move into the BlackBerry Hub. Remember, swipe up and to the right - one slick motion is all it takes.
BlackBerry Hub view
What makes the Hub particularly useful is that you can interact with the messages right here, saving you precious time when jumping between different applications.

Source: helpblog.blackberry.com

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