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We’ve doubled the size of our network over the past 8 years, and cover 98% of the UK population.

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Go Roam.

Use your phone at no extra cost in 71 destinations around the world.

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Go Binge.

Stream your favourite shows and music infinitely without using up your data.

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Free Stuff. Get the Wuntu app.

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You can use your allowance to call and text to the UK and use your data without paying a penny more.

Availability:2Wi-Fi or dongle.On all our Pay Monthly plans,except Three Essential plans,you'll automatically use your monthly unit allowance and Add-on unit allowance to call and text the UK and use data,and if you're on Pay As You Go you'll need to convert your Pay As You Go credit into an Add-on to get a unit allowance to fully enjoy Feel At-Home.
Subscriptions to these services are required. Go Binge is available on selected services on Advanced plans and Contract Mobile Broadband over 4GB which may require separate subscriptions. Selected new plans. Must have regular data available in plan. Standard definition. Additional content, such as adverts, may use regular data. Includes Dave and History only via TV Player. All Three customers can Go Roam with Feel At Home which lets you use your allowances at no extra cost to call and text the UK and use data in our 49 Feel At Home in Europe destinations. Our Advanced Plan customers also get Feel At Home Around the World in an additional 22 global destinations. See Three.co.uk/feelathome for details and limits. Wuntu is Three’s offers and rewards app available to Three customers via the App Store or Google Play. Promoted products and services provided by third parties. Available offers may vary. “Wuntu” is a trade mark of Three and/or its corporate group.