22/01/2018 12:00:00
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Samsung Super Screen - first completely bezel-free smartphone

Samsung have invented a way to fill the entire front of a smartphone with the screen, putting pressure on Apple to follow in their more...

22/01/2018 11:00:00
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Best free iPhone games money can't buy

The day`s of spending loads of money to enjoy a little bit of quality gaming are almost behind us, thanks to Apple for bringing us the iPhone and IPod more...

19/01/2018 15:00:00
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Tips and tricks if you drop your phone in water

With technology being a part of our daily lives it’s unthinkable to be without your phone for a day, well I know it’s like that for more...

19/01/2018 14:00:00
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Travel the world with some help from the best travel apps

Want to go on a holiday? Is there any point in using travel agencies anymore? My simple answer is yes, I do want to go on holiday and no, I have everything I need on my phone. I will be sharing with you my travel apps and why they are so more...

19/01/2018 13:00:00
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Best apps to help you to discover new music

One of the most frustrating things I find about apps such as Apple Music and Spotify, is they never seem to have new and original music, mostly just charts or playlists that done update often enough. read more...

19/01/2018 12:00:00
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Want to get more out of your iOS 11 device? Here are some helpful tips and tricks

Apple had been hard at work not just working on the IPhone 8 and 0iPhone X, they were also working on their new iOS 11 software. The new software is fantastic especially on the IPad, however it has some great features for iPhone too.

19/01/2018 11:00:57
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IPhone vs Samsung - Top 5 sports apps for smartphones

In the new day and age of smartphones, owning one now means you never have to wait to find out who is winning the game, keeping up-to-date on your fantasy team or checking out who has racked up the most points and assists all while your on the go. read more...

19/01/2018 10:00:01
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Pros & Cons of Sim free phones

If you are looking for a new smartphone, undoubtedly you’ve come across the term “sim free phoneread more...

19/01/2018 08:53:25
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Why Pay Monthly is the way forward

With the use of mobile phones becoming wider and wider, it's almost impossible to imagine life without them. From apps for traffic, public transport, banking, organising, social media and of course infamous gaming, we live in a world almost controlled by the use of our smartphones. read more...

18/01/2018 13:10:16
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The best way to upgrade your phone and when

Everybody loves that time when your 24 month contract is finally coming to an end, and you can make the most out of finding the perfect upgrade deal and phone for more...

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