06/06/2014 15:47:30
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Sony Xperia M2 – The Beauty of Precision

Sony’s modern and edgy design always attracted a large crowd, and Sony hopes M2 won’t be an exception. Let’s take a closer look at what M2 has to offer besides exquisite more...

23/05/2014 16:34:30
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Design Your Life

Few could assume that Galaxy Note would create a whole new market niche, with an expanding number of followers. Besides the oversized screen, Galaxy Note 3 revived another forgotten piece of technology; the stylus. This of course was not a classic stylus, but a reincarnation of a higher form achieved by combining new display technologies with advanced software more...

16/05/2014 10:26:44
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HTC Desire 500 – Superior Mobile Experience at an Affordable Price

HTC returns to its roots with the Desire Series. A distant cousin of Desire X, Desire 500 comes with great specs for a modest price. Let’s take a closer look at whether HTC can fend off its fierce more...

09/05/2014 18:02:27
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Moto X - Ready When You Are

Moto G made minced meat out of its competition, and now Moto X is trying to do the same thing. Let’s take a look at whether Motorola can make it happen more...

02/05/2014 13:36:14
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Sony Xperia Z2 – The Design You Love Updated With Latest Tech

Xperia Z2 is a significant device for Sony in many ways.. Now that it’s here, let’s take a look whether it’s worth upgrading?read more...

25/04/2014 16:39:23
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HTC Desire 300: A personal and powerful entry-level smartphone

Today, the Desire name is reserved for mid-range devices, such as the one we are reviewing today. Desire 300 is a mid-range device trying to balance features and price. Let’s take a look at whether that balance can be more...

17/04/2014 15:54:33
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HTC One M8 – Crafted to Perform

HTC has become well-known for designing gorgeous smartphones over the past years. Their latest product, HTC One M8, further confirms that statement. Design-wise it’s planets apart from other Android devices. If looks are on top of you priority list, this just might be the phone for more...

07/04/2014 13:31:10
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Samsung Galaxy S5 – Supporting a Healthier Lifestyle

After months of speculation, we finally get a chance to get up-close with Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S5. Rumors circulated about a carbon fiber casing, 3 gigabytes of ram, holographic this and supersonic that, but in reality many of those rumors didn’t come to fruition. Samsung took a very different path, cramming Galaxy S5 with tech bits that more...

13/03/2014 18:44:09
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LG G2 – Feel the difference

Did LG get lucky with LG G2? That's the question on our mind after a month and a half of using their new model, the LG G2. G2 is one of the first smartphones made by LG, which is well-balanced, well thought-out and has a lot more advantages than drawbacks. This time around, LG decided to clear its own path and create something different. Let’s take a look whether it more...

21/02/2014 13:32:38
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Nokia Lumia 625 – Biggest screen Nokia yet

The latest addition to Nokia’s is Lumia 625. Unlike what you might think, Lumia 625 isn’t a successor to Lumia 620. It falls into yet another brand new category; big screen, budget price and 4G connectivity more...

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