17/01/2014 15:51:24
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Sony Xperia M – Simple yet Elegant Midrange Device

In recent times, we’ve seen an increased number of devices being released by Sony. Sony wants to make sure that there’s a phone for every type of user out there. We like the idea. That’s why we try our best to condense all the important info and make it simple for you. On today’s schedule is a new device from Sony, the Xperia M. It’s positioned in the mid-range segment with plenty of design and features. Let’s take a closer look and find out more...

13/12/2013 16:08:30
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Nokia Lumia 925 – WP8 in a leaner and meaner package

Seven months after Nokia released the Lumia 920, a successor in the form of Lumia 925 emerged. We’ve reviewed the Lumia 920 and found it to be a descent Windows 8 device, but for a premium price, users simply wanted more.  Looking at the spec sheet, Nokia made a few changes, but nothing radical. A lot of the hardware stayed the same, while other things were tweaked. As we’ve seen many times before, specs alone don’t tell the whole story so let’s take a look whether Nokia has managed to improve the overall experience with Lumia 920. read more...

06/12/2013 15:17:52
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Samsung Galaxy Fame – Style on a Budget

The smartphone market is a very difficult place to fathom. So many devices offer similar features at a similar price, that users can get confused easily. Among a plethora of mid-range and high-end devices, Samsung didn’t forget the low-end more...

26/11/2013 17:29:24
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Motorola Moto G – A budget device like never before

After a longer brake from the world stage, Motorola is finally back. And this time they are back with a bang. Their new device, the Moto G, caused a big stir since it boasts an affordable price tag combined with remarkable more...

21/11/2013 16:08:54
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Sony Xperia Z Ultra – Big screen. Big entertainment.

Stop and think for a minute about smartphones of today. Just a few years ago, we were struggling to browse the web or find an interesting app or game. Today, we are literally consumed by them. And why has that happened? Simple; smartphones have been pushing boundaries in every possible way. Latest device pushing those boundaries is Sony Xperia Z Ultra. With a huge display and incredibly powerful processor, is it the phablet you are looking for?read more...

08/11/2013 13:47:00
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Sony Xperia T – Style and power merged into one

This year, Sony released a number of similar devices by design and specifications. We were used to seeing this type of thing in the lower market segment, but as time goes by, we see a similar pattern emerge in the higher end. So in the spring of last year, Sony released the 4.3 inch Xperia S, a well built and reasonably priced device that went on to achieve great success. Few months later, Sony released Xperia Ion with similar specifications, but a slightly larger 4.6 inch screen. Shortly afterwards Sony released a third device, the Xperia T, which really surprised more...

01/11/2013 12:53:54
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Samsung Galaxy Young – Good Looking, Practical and Inexpensive

In today’s world we are obsessed with benchmarks, screen quality, features, etc. So much so, that we seldom stop and take a look at the low-end market. The other day we were thinking what would be an adequate buy for one of our grannies. You certainly wouldn’t buy a Galaxy S4 because there is simply no point. Most grandmothers won’t get around to even a third of options budget phones offer, let alone something more more...

25/10/2013 13:07:22
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Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 – Enjoy the New Mobile Essentials

Since most of us are already well familiar with Samsung’s Galaxy Ace series, we’re going to skip introductions and let you know that the series has just received its third installment, the Galaxy Ace 3. According to Samsung, “Building on the success of the previous Galaxy Ace series, the Galaxy Ace 3 boasts powerful performance with a 1.2GHz dual core processor built to perform data-intensive tasks faster and more efficiently than its predecessor.” This translates into getting more bang for your buck, and we have nothing against that. Let’s take a closer look and see whether Samsung can deliver on those more...

18/10/2013 15:16:20
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HTC One Mini – A True Masterpiece in its Class

We were thrilled at the prospect of getting a pocket friendly version of HTC One, because we loved the “One” in so many ways. Its gorgeous looks and tremendous power had us from the get-go. One thing that had us worried though was whether HTC is going to be able to offer the same experience in a smaller body more...

11/10/2013 15:05:18
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Sony Xperia Z1 – “The Best of Sony”

Earlier this year Sony released their flagship device, the Xperia Z. It was the first flagship phone to hit the market this year, and it enjoyed decent success. It all came down to Sony’s efforts to make something uniquely different. Xperia Z has beautiful design, plenty of power and a great camera, giving you a lot to more...

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