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Frequently Asked Questions

Why fonehouse?
For all product sales connected via your fonehouse site, you get paid commission!
The mobile telephony market in the UK is massive. Think about it, how often do you change your mobile phone? How many people are there in the UK changing their mobile phone every year? Millions!
Every time people renew they look for the best deal. Where can they find it? fonehouse
We guarantee to save customers, is there a reason to buy elsewhere? We can’t think of one!
How much do you get paid?
What do you get?
I have no telecoms experience
How many sales do I have to do each month?
Do I have to complete paperwork with customers?
How can fonehouse offer the deals so cheaply?
What if one of my customers has a problem?

0800 054 2355 / 0207 384 3632

fonehouse head office, 421 New Kings Road, London, SW6 4RN