3 Things You Didn’t Know About 5G

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Ok, so if you in any way follow the latest technology developments you will be aware that 5G is coming to mobile phones and bringing with it some totally awesome speeds for downloading, browsing and accessing the Internet wherever you might be. But there are some pretty cool other features of this new development that you might not realise are even a thing.

Changing Home Broadband

Generally with think of home broadband, or what we have at work, as being all about the cables, the fibre if you will. 4G, and now 5G is the wireless version that works with mobiles right? Well, that is not strictly true as it happens. 5G is so powerful it is actually in trials all over the globe for a broadband replacement. Yes, a wireless fibre that is pegged to be so fast and powerful that it will totally revolutionise the way home broadband works.

There are many companies all over the world that are running more tests on this than mobile use because they are so excited about the potential it offers. However, don’t expect home broadband on 5G just yet, we are in the rollout phase for mobile phones, but this one is in the pipeline, but could offer 1gbps home wifi which is pretty impressive.

Introducing ‘Tactile Internet’

So, taking this a step further 5G also get rids of that irritating latency that happens when we are changing pages, the waiting to load issue that drives users mad. Being able to say goodbye to it on mobile phones is going to be pretty awesome, and you can look forward to that very soon.

Tactile Internet as it has been dubbed is using this lack of latency feature to really move on technology in other areas, and it has a definition of ‘instant, interactive communications’ which basically means that real-time communication with no lag. This can revolutionise many areas, and in healthcare, the applications have serious potential. Imagine being able to remotely scan patients and get the results in real time, or operate a delicate surgical procedure controlling a robot from a completely different location.

A New Audio Experience

Of course, while we mainly think about streaming movies faster, we mustn’t forget audio and 5G could mean the end of the MP3. Now, MP3 is a compressed version of the song, because it is large and would take ages to stream without such intervention, but with 5G we can justify high-resolution files with no compression such as FLAC and WAV.

Taking the recording and delivering it in a lossless audio codec that brings use better than CD quality audio in an instant. Queue a whole range of hi-res streaming services, and of course, you already have Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer, but Amazon is on the way to releasing their version, and they certainly won’t be the last. You will need 5G enabled devices which for now are limited to the new 5G handsets, but of course, as with all things, this will be set to change and explode in popularity very soon. Check out our website for 5G.

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