camera tricks for iphone Xs Max

Camera Tricks for Your iPhone XS Max

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The camera on the iPhone XS Max is one of the best on the market at the moment, and it can take some truly amazing photos. But there are always a number of options you can play with that will really make your photos stand out and we are here to give them to you.

Adjust for the Light Conditions

Whilst the camera might not give you a whole lot of control when it comes to the options with your photos there are a few things you can do to improve the shot. Whilst taking a picture tap the area of the screen which you want to focus the camera on. You should see a little sunshine icon to the right of the focus box. If you slide your finger up and down on this, you can adjust the light level to make sure that you get the best possible picture taking into account the amount of light there is outside

Activate Auto Focus / Auto Exposure Lock

The camera does a great job of focusing the picture for you, but where the light in the shot is very mixed, e.g. maybe you are taking a picture of some candles, the focus can keep going all over the place as it tries to adjust for you. With this option, all you do is tap and hold the area of the image that you want to focus on. If you do this a message should appear at the top of the picture saving AF/AE Lock. This now lets you move the camera around without the focus or exposure being changed, so you can get great shots.

Use Portrait Mode

This is a great mode for taking photos of any individual item or thing, be it a person, animal, or even your latest batch of avocado toast for Instagram. It works best when the subject of your picture is against a fairly straight forward background, and what it does is bring the subject into sharp focus whilst giving the background a slight blur. Thus keeping your subject, the focus of the short. It is a great way to add just that little bit extra to your pictures.

Post Shot Magic

The great thing with the iPhone XS Max is that you can play around with the lighting effects even after you have taken the shot. By default, the phone is set for natural light, but you can change it to settings like studio light, which add brightness to a face and so is great if the ambient light is slightly darker than normal.

As we mentioned you can change these settings even after you have taken the photo, as well as adjusting things like the Depth Control which is a brand-new feature to this model of iPhone. This allows you to change the amount of blurring you get for the background of your phone, and how much detail shows through, so it is worth playing with as you can great some really amazing shots with it.