Apple iPhone 11 launch

Dark Mode on the iPhone 11 Pro What is It and How Do I Use It?

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With the launch of the new models of iPhone, Apple is also launching a new version of its mobile operating system for phones. Called iOS 13 this will be featured as standard on all the new iPhone 11 models. The upgraded OS has some great new features and innovations and we look at just one of them. Dark Mode.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is all about giving your operating system a new ‘skin’. What it will do is transform all of the traditional black text on white background screens to newer white text on black (or dark grey) backgrounds. This means that all system menus and other parts of the operating system will appear darker in colour. Hence dark mode. This has been a feature that has been requested many times so it is good to finally see it.

Why Dark Mode?

Dark mode is both good for you and good for your phone. Studies have shown that staring at a bright screen for an extended period can cause a strain on your eyes. Dark mode reduces this strain by inverting the colour scheme so there is less brightness being aimed at your eyes. As a secondary feature to this, with modern OLED screens, they only use energy whilst they are lit up. This means that if a part of the screen is black then it is using no battery. Therefore with dark mode making most of the screen black will save a lot of battery on your device. This should see you getting a great days usage out of your phone.

Will Dark Mode Work Everywhere?

Dark mode will work in most places. It will be operational in all system-wide apps on your device. This means things like the calendar and camera, messages, safari, maps and all internal menus will be switched over to the new dark theme. The only place it may not work, is with some third-party apps. This is down to how the apps have been designed. Some third-party apps already have their own dark mode, however going forward all apps will be able to take advantage of this feature and so won’t need to implement their own version of it.

Where Do I Find It?

Dark mode can be enabled and disabled from the control centre. To access the control centre you either swipe up from the bottom or down from the top right on your phone. Once control centre is open you will see an option for toggling dark mode. You are not only able to switch it on or off, but you can also set it to come on at a certain time. This means that if you want to dim the display during the night then you can use dark mode during those hours and go back to normal light mode during the day. This is useful if you don’t want to disturb those around you late at night.

So When Can I Get Dark Mode?

Dark mode is coming with iOS 13. Which means that for the iPhone 11 Pro, you will be able to get it on release day of September 20th. The good news is that Apple is rolling out iOS 13 to older devices as well starting on September 19thso you will be able to get it from then also.