Design Change for the Huawei Mate X Revealed via Unboxing Video

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When it comes to getting information about new mobile devices there are always rumours and other leaks floating around with information about the new phones. The credibility varies between different sources, but a new YouTube video that claims to show an unboxing of the new Huawei Mate X has revealed one startling change to the design of the phone. See the video here.

It’s All About the Fold

The Mate X is Huawei’s state of the art, top of the line folding handset and was due to be released earlier this year, but it was delayed after the unveiling of the rival Samsung Galaxy Fold revealed potential durability issues with the folding design of that handset. Huawei delayed the release of their phone to that they could do more testing on the Mate X. Now satisfied that the device has passed a 100,000-fold durability benchmark they are likely to release the phone in early November to an eager public. Folding phones are set to be the latest innovation to come out with mobile devices. They combine the portability of a standard mobile handset with the screen size of a tablet device. 

Design Changes

When it comes to the unboxing video it shows a man taking the new phone out of the box and examining different parts of what you get. This includes showing the device folding and unfolding. The key difference that was noticed from the video was that the screen release button. The one that initiates the unfolding has been changed to be a bright orange colour. This not only serves as making it easier to find to expand the screen, but it also enhances the design of the control panel that is on the side of the phone. The control panel houses all the physical aspects of the phone and that includes the camera lenses, power button and headphone jack and USB-C power connector. This control panel moves onto the rear of the device when it is unfolded.

Other Features

The Mate X has already had a lot said about it, but until it is released nothing is set in stone. The device when folded looks like a fairly standard 6.6-inch mobile device. In contrast with the Galaxy Fold, the device when folded has an infinity type display, whereas the Galaxy Fold sports a pretty big bezel. The internals of the phone is also set to be top of the line with Chipsets and features to rival the other top of the range handsets on the market.

It has recently been revealed that the Mate X will borrow the lenses from the newer P30 handset rather than the Mate 20 that was originally suggested. The device also features a powerful 4500 mAh total battery set up. This should mean that you get some great longevity when in use. This is enhanced by the fact that when folded you can choose which side of the device to have powered up. The smaller 6.4-inch side will draw less power. This is further enhanced by the fact that the screen is a foldable OLED. Which means that any part of the device that is not lit up with not draw power, so great if you are watching a movie on one side of the device.