does the apple iphone 11 come with airpods

Does the iPhone 11 Pro Max Come With AirPods?

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The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best iPhone to be produced by Apple as of 2019. It’s an incredibly powerful device which offers a lot of different features.

However, one question which a lot of people have been asking is whether this new model of iPhone will be shipped with AirPods. Apple’s own wireless headphones, they are seen as being a very desirable accessory for the device, but will you be able to get your hands on them with your new mobile?

Not Today, Apple Fans

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max will not be shipping with AirPods, nor will any new iPhone released in the collection have them available. Instead, users will be given a set of EarPods, along with an adapter to ensure that they can plug them in. These are wired headphones, and have been a staple with all Apple products for quite some time, appearing in one form or another.

The Perks of Wired

If you are feeling disappointed by this, you should remember that there are a lot of benefits to having wired headphones. The Apple EarPods are still made with the same love and care that the company shows all their devices, and a wireless product can be more of a drain on the battery. These headphones will also be much more secure, and will be easier to keep track of. Furthermore, in the event that they are damaged, they’re not as expensive to replace as AirPods, which do tend to be quite pricey at the moment, although the future may hopefully remedy that.

Wireless Functionality Still Exists

Before anyone begins boycotting the new series of iPhones, you should remember the wireless functionality is still built-in to the device and more than ready for you to start using. Any Bluetooth headset will be more than effective when paired with the iPhone 11 promax, and you can still of course purchase AirPods from Apple themselves separately.

Just because they aren’t shipped with the model, that does not mean that they are inaccessible to the public. Quite the contrary in fact, as Apple are very proud of their AirPods and routinely suggest that people purchase them. We have a pair or two around the office ourselves, so we know firsthand that they are an incredibly useful accessory to have with the phone.

In conclusion, while you may not necessarily be able to have access to AirPods with your new iPhone, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get them later on. The EarPods which are provided with your phone will be more than sufficient for listening to audio, and are still an exceptionally good piece of software to use.

Apple themselves have a lot of experience with making incredible software, and they don’t produce anything which isn’t going to last a long time and carries their seal of quality. In the interim however, an existing Bluetooth headset that you own can be paired quite easily, along with wireless headphones that you have acquired from a third-party.