EE have a huge range of pay monthly contract deals and some of the best broadband deals in town. We will be reviewing their services and sharing our findings with you on this page. We will explain their product range and make sure you understand how to get the best pay monthly deals with this awesome network provider.

We will also explain their broadband services and show you how you can get the best broadband and home phone bundle that makes your internet experience first rate. EE offers a great range of home phone services including domestic and international and offers some great perks for users taking up their mobile and broadband packages.

When you travel with an EE pay monthly contract, pay as you go SIM or even a tablet, you can use your roaming data free across the whole of the EU, meaning that any usage will come out of your contractual allowance as normal. When you choose an EE Max Plan, however, you can not only use your roaming in the EU but also in an additional 53 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and the United States....