samsung galaxy note 9

Galaxy Note 9 Set to Drop in Price

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Last week saw the release of the next Note incarnation. Now typically what happens is the older handset drops in price, and already there is evidence that the Galaxy Note 9 will now receive a price reduction. This means our team has been busy renegotiating pay monthly deals with the lovely people at Vodafone and EE and they, as usual, have been delighted to bring us some great lower-priced packages, so maybe it is time to treat yourself to a Note 9. 

Office in Your Pocket

The Galaxy Note series has been touted as the perfect office or business based handsets, for lots of reasons including the inclusion of the S-Pen, and with the Note 9, in particular, the massive storage space it can offer. However, if you are a social user do not be put off, cos this is one technology-packed handset and if you don’t want to stretch to the Note 10 you are looking at the best alternative, so let’s remind ourselves of some of the Note 9 benefits. 

A Huge Step Up

The Galaxy Note 9 was a massive technological step up from the Note 8; it is bigger, more powerful and really stunning to look at. It features a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen which has a small bezel along the top and bottom, of course housing the front-facing camera. The rear double camera sits in a horizontal line across the back, and there is a Bixby button which didn’t make the cut for the Note 10 so a chance to take advantage of this feature if you find the voice assistant helpful. 

The S-Pen 

When the Note 9 released, it brought with it significant improvements to the S-Pen from the rather boring stylus it used to be. Now the S-Pen is an interactive remote control and can be used to trigger the camera shutter and much more. It works by harnessing the power of Bluetooth and is a unique selling point that is not really seen on other mobiles, but once you have gone S-Pen, you won’t want to go back. 

Storage Space Galore

Now, as well as the S-Pen sliding neatly into the body of the phone for storage, you will also find that a removable SD card slot is also hiding inside. Now, this is something that Samsung does in many of their handsets, but this is different. For the first time in any handset, the size of the SD card that can be supported is a whopping 1TB which frankly beats the storage of many laptops. Which is one of the reasons this gets touted as a business phone because it gives a huge capacity for whatever you might need.

Finally, there is a large 4000mAh battery which is perfect for a powerful phone and means you can head out and about without having to worry about running out of juice before you can make it back to the wall charger at night.