Hot SIM Only Deals

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These hot SIM only deals are going to save you a whole load of money. You’re also going to be able to find the highest value deals with some of the best networks. SIM only deals allow you to save money whilst giving you the freedom to switch up between any handset you like.


Best Vodafone SIM Only Deals

Vodafone provides some of the hottest SIM only deals on the market. With such a wide range of different available plans, data packages and prices, you’ll be able to find the perfect deal to suit all your needs. You’ll find different types of Vodafone plans, such as the Red Plan, Unlimited Max, Unlimited Lite and the Red Plan Entertainment. Each of these give you access to different benefits and cover different needs.

Vodafone have multiple different awards for their network. These include the Uswitch Best SIM Only Network of 2020. They were also voted the most improved network in 2019, which shows exactly how perfect they are for your SIM deal. With the Unlimited Max deals, you’ll have unlimited access to data, texts and minutes. You also don’t have to worry about being capped by any data speeds. The really valuable deals are also compatible with 5G when used by an area covered in a compatible device.

Red Entertainment plans are going to give you access to Vodafone’s iconic entertainment offers. This gives you a free subscription to brands, such as Spotify, Sky Sports and Amazon Prime TV, for the whole length of your contract. Anyone joining the Vodafone network will have access to their VeryMe Rewards through the My Vodafone app too. Here you’ll find hundreds of discounts and giveaways with a host of different brands. These are updated weekly to make sure you’re getting value in your contract.


SIM Deals with EE

There are so many perks to joining EE, the UKs best network. They are one of the most innovative networks in the UK and provide an A* service to each of their customers. EE was the first network to roll out 5G across the UK in summer 2019. Since then, they have continued to grow the next generation of mobile connectivity across the country and now cover more places than any other network. On this network, you’ll be able to stay connected in more places with the fastest speeds when on a 5G plan.

Something that really makes EE standout is the awards they’ve received. For 6 years in a row, EE have been voted the UKs number 1 network. RootMetrics have crowned EE with this award after their superfast, reliable connection. There are hundreds of reasons why EE are great. Among these are that they have the fastest 4G and 5G speeds according to certified tests. They also come out top for the best performance and have done for 6 whole years.

When you take a look at all of the EE SIM plans, you’ll find a huge range from low data plans to unlimited plans. Whether you need a 12 month plan or even a 24 month plan, there’s something for you. Not to mention, you’ll also have access to EE’s exclusive entertainment plan. Enjoy the best entertainment from the likes of Apple Music and BT Sports included in your plan. You’ll be able to stay entertained at the fast speeds all over the UK.


Three Deals

Three are very well known for providing customers with high data packages for very affordable prices across both their SIM plans and mobile phone contracts. In fact, they were voted the UKs best network for data by the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards in 2019. If you want to stay connected, this is the network for you. With Three, you’ll be covered in the majority of the UK as they cover 99% of the UK population with their network. When you do join Three, you’ll be given the chance to experience the UKs fastest 5G network as well as 4G+. Both these are currently being worked on to provide the best of the best.

Anyone who joins Three will have access to one of their perks, Go Roam. If you’re someone who travels a lot, you’re going to love this. Three will allow you to use your monthly allowance in 71 different destinations with no extra charges. Avoid any ugly charges now. Of course, if you go over your allowance, you’ll be subject to usual charges. Anyone with a SIM plan over 12GB will be able to experience Go Binge. Browse specific apps without eating away at your data. Three have partnered with apps such as Snapchat, Netflix and Soundcloud to keep you connected.

All of the Three SIM only deals on our website are 5G ready. As soon as 5G is available in your area, and you have a 5G compatible device, your plan will automatically switch over. This will give you super fast browsing, downloads and uploads speeds. This is all at no extra cost too! When you enter an area without 5G, it will automatically swap back to 4G to make sure you stay connected at all times.


Low Credit Criteria Deals

Of course, all the above networks require credit checks to ensure the plan is suitable for you. If you’re looking to build up your credit score, there are still plenty of plans for you. We’ve partnered with Smarty to give you a chance to grow your credit. You’ll be able to find a range of low priced deals with simple plans. Don’t use all your data? You’ll get money back to make sure costs are simple and low.

Everything is done online with Smarty to avoid you waiting around. If you need any help ,you’ll be able to contact their online web team. There’s no worry of waiting in lines or sitting on hold for hours. Simply jump on a chat with one of their support agents to have your questions answered.


With so many SIM only deals available, there’s one to suit everyone. If you’re looking to save money and enjoy high value, this is the route for you.