How to extend the life of a phone

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Many people are always looking for new ways as to how to extend a phone’s life and the main points are far more obvious than you would have ever thought. Whether you’re looking to keep your phone past your 24 month phone contract or just make the battery last a bit longer, we’ve got a few tips for you.


Extending your battery life

There are so many different tips telling you how to extend a phone’s life when it comes to it’s battery. Different tips can relate to either Apple or Android but, the overall idea is the same.

One quick and simple way of extending your battery life is to reduce the screen brightness. When you have your brightness on full, your phone is working super hard to keep it that way. Reducing the brightness will essentially give your phone a rest and allow that energy to be used elsewhere. If you really want to help your phone, you can even try dark mode. This will turn your screen black and save against all those white lights. If you want, you can change settings so that your phone changes to dark mode at different points during the day.

Probably the most known, yet disregarded, tip for extending your battery life is closing apps. This doesn’t mean just leaving them! If you exit an app without closing it properly, your battery is going to work at keeping that app running. Not to mention, any permissions that the app has will still be tracking your data. Simply closing the apps completely will make your phone last for hours longer.

If you really do need your battery to last far longer, we wouldn’t recommend streaming or playing music. Streaming any kind of media is going to drain your phone. You’ll notice that by not streaming anything, your phone will hold its battery for far longer.


Get the right protection

Everyone has felt the pain of their phone slipping out of their hand, landing face down on the ground. It’s safe to say that this feeling is one of the worst, especially if you haven’t got any protection on your phone. For that exact reason, you want to make sure you’ve got a screen protector and phone case.

When it comes to screen protectors, there are thousands on the market. With that, you’ll want to get the most protective one for the right price. Plastic screen protectors aren’t the answer when it comes to knowing how to extend your phone’s life. These will only ever protect your phone from dust, until they start to peel off. You’re also going to get A LOT of air bubbles when you apply them. Tempered glass screen protectors are going to save your screen. These will take the impact of a drop and crack instead of your screen.

Phone cases will keep your phone looking fresh and brand new. Only a few years ago, you would have to choose between a protective phone case or a nice looking one. That’s no longer something you have to worry about. Whilst keeping your phone slim and lightweight, dual layer phone cases will absorb shock so the insides of your phone don’t have to. This can not only preserve the resale price of your phone but also keep it working as if it were brand new.


Remove anything useless

By removing any useless apps or data, you can keep the original speeds of your phone. Have you ever been scrolling through socials or websites and your phone freezes for a few seconds? This is because you’ve got loads of useless data stored. Rather than working to give you the speeds you need, your phone is working to store all your data. All you need to do to avoid this is delete any apps you haven’t used in a while. To really help out your phone, you could also delete any old texts, photos, etc.


Avoid viruses

This one is pretty self explanatory. With every single device you own, you’ll want to avoid viruses. It’s not incredibly common to find a virus on your smartphone but there’s never any harm in having that extra protection. You’ll get viruses if you download any suspicious apps. To avoid any malicious apps, you’re best to only download apps from your phone’s app store. These are all checked by editors to make sure they’re safe for your phone. If you do download an app from outside of here, you can check data usage to find out if your data is being given to a third party If you have jailbroken your phone, you’re very likely to get a virus.


How to extend a phone’s life

You should never be on your phone whilst driving, that’s a rule everyone follows. You should never be distracted by your phone whilst in the car. This next tip will help against this as well as being a way as to how to extend your phone’s life. Make sure your phone is secured whilst you’re moving. If your phone is being thrown around your car, the insides are going to experience some serious damage. The electronics inside your phone are super sensitive and you’re going to want to look after them.

If you really do not want to replace your phone, for whatever reason, you may want to replace the battery. By having this simple component replaced every few years, your phone will be running as brand new. After charging your phone around 500 times, your battery will reduce by around 20%. Usually, replacing batteries every 2 years will allow your phone to go back to it’s usual workings and run as smoothly as ever.


With so many ways as to how to extend a phone’s battery life, you’re going to be able to keep going for years. Of course, these tips aren’t going to keep your phone going forever. When you do come to get a new phone, we’ve got plenty of amazing deals on sale, just for you.