How to protect your phone from the heat

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As we move into the hotter months of the year, it’s important to look into how to protect your phone from the heat, you don’t want it burning! As much as we would love the answer to be, ‘cover it in sun cream’, it’s not. Keeping your mobile phone cool is far more important than you realise. We are experiencing more and more heatwaves in the UK and continue to visit hot countries, you would think this was something we would all have down.


Why you need to protect your phone

When you’re lying in the sun, catching a tan, your phone isn’t your biggest concern, especially not keeping it cool. There’s a reason that phone’s may show a heat warning on screen when they’re in the sun! By leaving your phone in the heat, you may actually damage the battery and slow down your speeds.

Our summers are getting hotter and hotter so everyone’s going to need to know how to protect your phone from the heat. Without knowing this information, people are going to end up spending far more money than expected. Each time you leave your phone to boil, you’re reducing it’s life span. This will result in you needing to replace your phone before the end of your contract.


Serious things to avoid

There are hundreds of things you can avid to help protect your phone. Some things are common sense whereas others are slightly less obvious. Whilst these tips aren’t completely essential, they will help you protect your phone. This, in the end, will save you money on buying a new one.

A big thing you’re going to want to know is not to leave your phone in the car. One a hot day, cars boil. Everyone knows the feeling of opening a car door on a hot day and being hit with stuffy, hot air. Leaving your phone in this kind of head is going to warm it to the same heat. You wouldn’t leave your pets in this head so don’t leave your phone in it. Heating your phone up this much is going to cause a lot of damage to the battery.

You wouldn’t lay out in the sun all day with absolutely no protection, with no place to cool down. Your phone needs the same. It’s always a good idea to make sure the sun isn’t beaming down on it whilst you aren’t using it. It’s always a great idea to pop your phone in your bag or slip it into a shady spot when you aren’t on it.

To make sure your phone isn’t wasting energy on powering useless points, you should close anything that you aren’t using. To keep any apps open means your processor is working extremely hard, making it get slightly warmer. Adding the outside heat is going to make your phone overheat very quickly. If you really don’t need your phone at all, putting it on airplane mode is going to seriously help it out. This will allow your phone to completely stop putting energy into useless places.


How to protect your phone from the heat

When it comes to how to protect your phone from the heat, we of course suggest the above tips. Whilst these aren’t all the ways to achieve this, they’re a good place to start.

One huge tip when it comes to protecting your phone from the heat is to not charge it. When you charge your phone, it gets slightly hotter. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a phone that holds charge all day, such as the iPhone 11 Pro or Huawei P40. If you really do need to charge your phone, try doing it somewhere cooler, maybe inside.

Reducing the use of your battery is going to really help keep your phone cool. You can do this by using the phone less or changing a few settings. If you reduce the brightness of the screen, less power will go into keeping it lit. This will mean your phone isn’t working as hard, therefore not getting as hot. You could even try changing your phone to dark mode. This will get rid of any bright lights and help your phone loads.

By using your phone less, you won’t need to worry about working your phone too hard. It’s pretty normal for your phone to slow down slightly in the sun. Making it work harder will cause those speeds to reduce even more. Whilst sat in high heats, try to not use your phone unless you really need to. Using specific apps will cause your processor to work harder than usual. This then results in your phone getting far hotter all together.



Now you know exactly how to protect your phone from the heat, make sure you’re looking after it! The more you reject your phones need to stay cool, the more likely you are to be taking out one of our amazing contract phone deals!