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Huawei P30 Rumours

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Over the last month, it has been confirmed that Huawei is planning a launch event for the P30 series handset on March 26 and as you can imagine with the event now looming rumours are running at fever pitch. So just what do we know about the next flagship phone from the leading Chinese phone makers?

Well, clearly the P30 is going to be the nearest rival to the recently launched Samsung S10 series as the P20 series was perfectly placed to compete with the S9 handsets from rivals Samsung. At this stage, there is still time for Huawei to come up with something new again to rival the iPhone 11, but this could be their attempt to win an audience from Apple too. The biggest question is how many handsets are going to be set for release this year. With the iPhone last version, we saw three handsets, the XS, the XS Max and the cutdown XR. Samsung followed suit with the S10 the S10 Plus and, while not in the same series they also revealed their folding phone.

The pressure is now on Huawei to release three, but if they are scrabbling and one looks like a sad extra then, to be honest, it would be better to stick to two robust offerings. However, before now they have come up with three by adding a Pro and Lite to the range. So what other gossip is on the table so far? Well if rumour is to be believed and time will, of course, tell all, then we should expect an all screen infinity style phone that doesn’t have anything in the way of bezel edges. It is likely that they will go for keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack as the removal by other companies has proved less than popular, and it is possible that the screen resolution will come in at 1080 x 2340, but the last leaks for the Mate series were slightly off on this features.

In an attempt to keep the screen as whole as possible the competition to create the most unobtrusive notch is on, will they mimic the S10 and go for mounting the front facing camera into the glass or will it be the more subtle teardrop notch in the middle. As yet no company has found a way to stop the front-facing camera marring the display so it will be interesting to see what they can come up with.

The leaks also suggest that they are going for four camera lenses but ditching the neat quad arrangement seen on the Mate Pro, and instead going for three in a vertical line with last one and the LED flash off to one side. If this is the case we are not sure we like the look, the quad was neater, and Nokia has just released the daisy arrangement which to be honest is going to take some beating as that is one stunning camera array. Other leaks have suggested they will stick to three lenses so it will be interesting to see which way they really go.