apple launch event is a hit

iPhone 11 Launch Event is a Hit

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On Tuesday, September 10th, the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, California, filled with an audience of over 1000 all waiting early to see the launch of the iPhone 11 series. Such is the magnitude of these events that it was also streamed live across the internet from the website and watched by millions more including our staff reporter who has prepared a rundown of the morning event airing in the UK at 6 pm.

As the cast started the camera panned over the gathered crowd which was a sea of laptops and tablets so the various media representatives could report back to their waiting teams, everyone eager to report on the events as they unfolded. First to the stage to open the event was CEO Tim Cook, who welcomed his guests and set the tone of excitement and anticipation.

Apple Arcade

The event was opened with gaming. In a new move, Apple has collaborated with some of the big names in mobile gaming and is releasing a subscription-based service called Apple Arcade which will launch on September 19th. Users will need to download the app and with one subscription that will cost $4.99 a month and allow up to five family members access on the same account at the same time.

In the UK with Apple’s simple pricing structure of just changing the currency symbol this will be £4.99 a month (after a free month trial) for access to over 100 mobile games including Frogger in Toy Town by Konami, Shinsekai: Into the Depths by Capcom and Sayonara Wild Hearts from Annapurna Interactive, and in development by Simogo. All three were showcased on the main stage with a representative from the company taking you through the features while an unknown assistant from each company played faultlessly on an iPad connected to the big screen. 

Apple TV+

So, Apple TV has been an app for some time now, and you will probably be familiar with it. Cook returned to the stage to make the next announcement which is the launch of Apple TV+ which follows in the footsteps of things like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The service will offer exclusive content not available anywhere else, and their own programs similar to a Netflix Original. In this demo, we were introduced to The Morning Show which stars big names, Jenifer Aniston in her first television series since Friends, and Reece Witherspoon as early morning breakfast television hosts. The audience was then treated to the trailer for See which features heartthrob Jason Momoa in a fantasy land where everyone is blind, and no one can see.

This is apparently a good thing, and when some of the next generations are born with sight, all hell breaks loose. Both trailers are available on the Apple website, and the service will again cost $/£/€4.99 a month after a seven-day trial launching on November 1st.


The presentation then moved onto the new iPad with the opening gambit about iPadOS which is a new operating system that steps up from what is available on their mobiles but is still not quite the full desktop iOS. It looks to have significant improvements in the old OS and certainly adds power and speed. The new hardware comes in the form of the ‘the new’ iPad, which is a 10.2-inch display making it bigger than the regular size but smaller than the iPad Pro 12.9 inch. It has full smart keyboard support and can use the Apple Pencil. 

Apple Watch 

Up next, the Apple Watch was unveiled, making this series 5. Here there was a heavy emphasis on life-saving technology, including fall detection and the ability to monitor the health of the heart, which is something that can cause unknown issues for years and early detection could save lives. They are partnering with a couple of research companies, and users will have the chance to submit their data via a special app to aid with future developments of heart care. In-store there will now be an Apple Watch Studio where customers can pick and choose their watch face and strap before purchase. The new Apple Watch Series 5 has an always-on display.

iPhone 11 Series 

Finally, the main event which everyone had been waiting for, the iPhone 11 series was unveiled in two presentations, and Apple invented a new word – ‘Slo-fie’ which refers to their new slow-motion recording and got a laugh or two from the audience. First to the stage was the iPhone 11, which is the replacement for the iPhone XR. It is still a cut down that doesn’t have the same spec as its big brothers but is still a worthy contender and set to follow in the massive popularity of the XR. Apple has added some new colours to the range, and the handset has the same LCD screen we have come to love. On the rear, the camera has been upgraded and now has two 12MP lenses, and the focus of the presentation was singing the praises of this new technology. We were treated to a slideshow of images captured with the iPhone 11 camera and then a look at the stunning video capability it offers. A new chipset the A13 Bionic, and this adds battery life and more to the handset. 

In the second presentation, we met the remaining two handsets in the series, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. These handsets are the next generation of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and again the big news was the improvements to both the quality of the still photography and the hugely update video capture and built-in editing tools. There was not only films showing the handsets, but a short movie shot and edited on the iPhone 11 Pro, demonstrating that this is now so good even professional cinematographers would be happy to use it. 

Finally, Apple unveiled its trade-in scheme, which previously focused on recycling old handsets but now adds a bigger discount when stepping up to a new handset. Of course, this is an outright purchase, and a pay monthly deal from us will give you the handset at a nice monthly cost rather than trying to find the required hundreds for the trade-in.