iphone 8 mobile phone deals black friday

iPhone 8 Black Friday Deals

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iPhone 8 Black Friday Deals 


For many people, the latest handset is just not what they are looking for, and indeed there are lots of valid arguments for sticking with something a little older. One of the things we love about the iPhone is the way Apple has designed them to be future proof. The iPhone 8 is the last of the iconic styling with the bezel on all four edges of the screen, and the middle home button. It is a classic design for the iPhone and remains popular. The internet technology is robust and will last for many years to come. This was the first of the iPhone range to feature wireless charging, and although Apple only supplies a lightning charger in the box, you can get a wireless charging device easily. 


Black Friday Budget Deals 


It is also important to us that we offer something for everyone this Black Friday and being a slightly older handset we have a little bit more play on the monthly deal price we can offer you. We are so excited about this deal as the iPhone 8 offers a lot of awe-inspiring Apple tech making it perfect for so many different users and coming in at less than £30 a month we are confident that it is going to be popular. With the new iOS 13 onboard you will be able to access the further improvements such as dark mode and many more. If you want a handset that you can use to stream television or play games on the go, this could well be a great choice if you are watching the pocket. 


Plenty of Storage


This deal is great because you are getting the 64GB iPhone 8 which gives you lots of storage for all your essential documents, movies, music and images. Remember that Apple offers fixed storage only, and there is no expansion available in the form of SD cards. However, 64BG is a nice amount and gives you lots of space. The handset itself comes in three classic Apple colours, the space grey, gold and silver and we have managed to secure all three for you to choose from. 


Data to Go


Another key factor of getting the perfect pay monthly deal is ensuring that you have enough data to see you through the month. Data is used when your phone is accessing the 4G network, and this happens when there is no wifi connection available. So, if you want to be able to use your handset when you are out and about, to play games or work, then you will need a sensible amount of data. Now although this is a more budget-conscious pay monthly deal from our excellent partners over at EE, it still includes 10GB of data which should see you through even a busy month. If this sounds like your kind of deal for just £28 a month, then follow the links below but don’t delay as these are Black Friday deals, and we cannot hold them for long. 


Black Friday Deal  – iPhone 8 Gold

Black Friday Deal  – iPhone 8 Silver

Black Friday Deal  – iPhone 8 Space Grey