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Motorola’s New Folding Phone Teased

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Motorola’s New Folding Phone Teased 

When it comes to folding phones, these seem to be all the rage. Some manufacturers have revealed their folding phones, the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X have been showcased to the public. The latest to tease the possibility of a folding phone is Motorola. We take a look at what we know so far.

The History

Motorola was responsible for creating one of the original ‘folding phones’. Though the Motorola Razr 3 didn’t feature a folding screen it did have a screen on the outside and the main screen after you had unfolded it to reveal the keypad. This phone became something of a style icon when it was released, and it was certainly one of the phones to have at the time. Everyone from celebrities and other personalities was seen sporting the model. It was a great little phone that didn’t take up as much space in your pocket as other phones out at the time.

 The Tease

The latest rumors come from a gif that has been released by Motorola. This gif features an image of the iconic folding hinge from the Razr 3 that is peeled back to reveal another phone hidden underneath it. The GIF features a date of 13 November 2019 on it, along with the tag line ‘An Original Unlike Any Other’. The text accompanying it also suggest that  ‘you’re going to flip’ which is also another clear reference to the classic Razr 3 and the line of flip phones that made Motorola famous at the time. Whilst it isn’t possible to glean much from information from a single gif it is pointing towards there being a new Razr coming in the future.

Other Details 

What we have seen from other rumours and potential patents is that the new Motorola is likely to bring back the classic clamshell design of the Motorola Razr 3 but incorporating a folding screen inside the clamshell. This means that you would get the portability of a smaller phone which the screen size normally associated with a much bigger design. There is some suggestion of their being a secondary screen on the outside of the clamshell. This could no doubt be used as an always-on display with things like notifications and a clock being displayed. It is also possible that the google assistant could work through this screen so that you could use it whilst the phone is closed.

Final Thoughts

From what we have seen this phone doesn’t have the same specs and size as the other foldable devices that have been shown on the market. This might well be a good thing though as it does open the door for there to be the potential for mid-range foldable devices. Rather than the phone/tablet conversions that we have seen from other foldable devices. Whatever Motorola have in mind then we will have to wait and see for their event when it is held in Los Angeles in November, we can’t wait.