Recent Renders Suggest Motorola Adding E6 Play to its Lineup

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When it comes to the Motorola line of phones and the E6, in particular, it has all been about sacrificing certain features for the sake of affordability. However, until now the E6 line has seemed a little odd. With the G7 line above it having both Plus and Play variants, and the E5 line below it having both Plus and Play variants, it was odd that when the E6 was announced it was a stand-alone device. This was added to in September when the E6 Plus was announced for European and South American Customers.

What the Plus Brings

New renders popped up on the Android Central website that recently showed the potential of a new E6 Play model. This would be an 18:9 aspect ratio display with a 3.5mm headphone jack on the phone. The charging is only via a micro-USB though rather than the newer USB-C seen everywhere else. The rear of the phone appears to be pretty minimalist and uncluttered with only a single camera lens and a fingerprint reader in evidence though the placement of these does make it seem like it might have a dual lens, this is highly unlikely.

Design Aspects

What is evident from the renders is that attention has been paid to the design of the device. The screen on the front still features a rather large bezel and this is particularly noticeable when it comes to the chin of the phone which is rather pronounced. This would normally be suggestive of a physical home button or the placement of a manufacturers logo though neither are evident in the renders. The rear of the phone is nicely glossy and well presented though and make the phone seem like a much more expensive offering than it is. A couple of colours are visible in the renders, a fairly standard black is paired with a nice teal colour which stands out.

Great Price Point

When it came to the E5 Play variant of the E5 range then the play model sat in a middle price point below the plus and above the standard phones. It is expected that the same will be true of the E6 Play. This still will be a great budget handset in keeping with the rest of the Motorola range. It is still not known what else will be included in the handset. So things like battery life, chipset and the version of Android that the handset will be running is still unknown at this time. It is hoped that some of the specs will be an improvement on the standard E6 which sure a bare minimum of an upgrade over the older E5. The decision to keep using the micro-USB port for charging is something that does continue to baffle though as most phones have moved onto the much easier to use USB-C port. Motorola will likely say that this is to keep costs down, but there is no reason why this should be the case.