S7 Vs S7 Edge Contract Deals

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If you love Samsung handsets you will be aware that you are somewhat spoilt for choice. They have a massive range and while their current flagship is the S9, they still have plenty of choice and deals on the older models.  While these older models may not be the latest handsets they offer robust technology and a lot of the same great features found on the newer phones.  The S7 and the S7 Edge arrived on the market at about the same time as each other.

Galaxy S7 Edge

This is a really great looking phone that offers the slightly higher spec of the two phones.  It has a curved infinity screen and the lack of bezels that is now becoming commonplace giving the phone a really great look.   The front glass is Gorilla Glass 4 which means that this is a seriously tough phone. While we don’t recommend dropping your handset you can at least be reassured that should an accident happen this phone is tough enough to be able to withstand a bit of clumsiness.  That said it is still recommended to use cases and screen protectors, because after all the phone is still made of aluminium and glass so it could get damaged. The features of this phone are top of the range and you can get some really great contract deals from just £33 with a free handset included.

Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S7 is another really good looking headset that has lots of great features and still ranks as a really high end phone.  The screen is nice and wide and the bezel is minimal and not really invasive. This is slightly smaller than the Edge so will be favourable for some users.  It has the same toughened glass which means this is another robust handset but again we don’t suggest you put that to the test intentionally. The Samsung Galaxy S7 features the super fast Exynos 8890 processor making it great for streaming videos and music without interruption.  It has many great features from Samsung including the wireless charging without the need for an extra case which is now fast becoming the most popular way to charge a handset, and for convenience who can fault it.

If that is not enough there is also the quick charge feature which means should you forget to pop it on a charger or just not be near one for a few hours, you can rejuice in super quick time, so great for busy people on the go.  With just £49 upfront to cover the handset there is a great £15 a month deal available on this premium handset.

Overall both of these phones are worth their salt.  They are both great examples from the Samsung family that will be sure to impress.  If you love Galaxy technology or are just looking to try Samsung for yourself then either of these handsets make a great starting point.  With some many deals available on both handsets you will be spoilt for choice.

S7 Vs S7 Edge Contract Deals
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