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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumours

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The next Samsung Galaxy Note is due to be officially released any day soon, and we are here with the latest round up of rumours and news about the device to hopefully set the record straight

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 The Basics

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be officially announced at a Samsung Event that is being held on the 7th of August. With a release date likely to be two to three weeks following that. Though it is still not actually confirmed that the device will be called the Galaxy Note 10.

You may or may not remember but back in 2012 Samsung released a device called the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which coincided with the release of Android 4.0. So, it may be that Samsung want to avoid any naming confusion and go with something different. That being said, Samsung are pretty straight forward when it comes to naming their phones. So, we will see.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 The Design

One of the biggest criticisms of the Note 9 was that it looked too much like the Note 8. Therefore, Samsung have aggressively redesigned the Note 10, and this included doing away with the notch design for the front camera, instead preferring the punch hole camera layout, along with fingerprint scanners embedded in the screen, instead of a separate scanner.

This leaves the front pretty much all display, and the rear only sporting the camera bump, which will have three lens’ on this model. It is fair to say that Samsung have definitely innovated on the recent designs for the S10 and S10 Plus and so it is likely that these features will be lifted to the Note 10 and recent renders of the phone that have been doing the rounds seem to re-enforce this.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Audio

One thing that seems confirmed is the absence of the headphone jack. Samsung seems to be going the route of Bluetooth or nothing, which is why the Note 10 will also not have the socket. Though the recent trend is still for Bluetooth headphones, there are still a number of people who prefer the option of having wired headphones, and they won’t be able to with this phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Other Features

There was some talk as to whether Samsung will forgo physical buttons on the phone, and there was some indication that we might just get capacitive touch buttons instead of physical ones, though this seems to have been reversed at the last minute. It remains to be seen whether the ‘Bixby’ button will remain as Samsung keep trying to aggressively push their voice assistant in the face of Google and Amazon’s offerings. It is also rumoured that there may be a variety of screen sizes available for the Note 10.

Certainly, the main offering will have a massive 6.7inch screen, which is equal to the S10 Max. But we may see a smaller version developed alongside it. This remains to be seen, however. What is certain is that there will be a 5G incarnation of the phone, though whether this is the default one at launch we are still waiting to see.