S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tips for the S Pen

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With the introduction of the Note Series, Samsung upped their game, and added something completely new, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the latest and greatest incarnation of this. One of the distinguishing features of the Note series is the S Pen that is included in each phone, and this lets you use the phone in new and interesting ways. Here are a few ideas for you.

Live Message

One of the fun things you can do is called Live Message. This allows you to draw or write messages, using the S Pen, or even doodle if you are feeling creative. These messages will then be sent as little animated GIFs to your friends, so even if they don’t have a Note 10, then they will be able to see the fruits of your labour. The sky is the limit when it comes to being creative, so you can give a go all you want.

Bixby Vision

Bixby vision is a great little feature that lets you use the S Pen along side the camera to capture things from real life. You can easily use this feature to look at a product that you are considering in store, and give it a quick search across the internet to see what the reviews are, or maybe even find it online at a cheaper price. What you can also do with this is point the camera at some text, and then use the S Pen to click it, and it will be copy and pasted to the phones clipboard. It does a great job of recognising most types of text and then you can use that text for anything, where it is searching out a quote, or simply for your next great twitter post. 

App Actions

The S Pen, will also let you do lots of cool things with it, like launch an app. This is because the S Pen, now has the latest Bluetooth LE functionality. A button on the S Pen, lets you fire up an app with a simple double click. By default this will launch the Camera App. Once it is open, you can then continue using the S Pen.

With a click to take a picture, or a double click which will let you switch between the front and rear cameras with ease. Whilst playing back media, such as music, or video, then you can use the S Pen to pause or resume the music with a simple click. Which is great as you don’t need to unlock your phone to do it. Or a double click will allow you to skip a track.

Unlock Your Phone

One other thing you can do with your S Pen is use it to unlock your phone. Again this is thanks to the Bluetooth technology inside the S Pen. And it means that removing the S Pen from the phone will unlock it. Handy if you want the convenience of being able to get to your phone, but less secure than a pin or fingerprint.