Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera Tips

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The Galaxy S9 Plus has a great camera, and there is certainly a wealth of features that go along with it. Some of them are not the most obvious and so we are here to walk you through it and tell you how to make the most of it.

Live Focus Mode

By default, the camera starts in standard mode, but a quick swipe left, and it will take you to Live focus mode. This mode uses both of the camera lens on the rear of your phone to increase the field of depth and blur out the background slightly bringing the subject into sharp focus. There are a number of options that allow you to tweak the settings on the amount of blur. You need to be within a meter and a half of your subject in order to make the most of this mode, and the phone will help you with this by putting up a message in yellow when the mode is activated.

Pro Mode

This mode is aptly named as opening it unlocks a whole wealth of options such as ISO, white balance, focus and all sorts. You do need to know what you are doing if you want to adjust these options, which is why the mode is well named. There is an icon that says standard and clicking this will open a whole range of filters that allow you to manipulate your picture whilst still being able to change any of the other settings. Experimentation is required but you can get great results.


This mode makes the most of the extra-large screen and allows you to take amazing shots of the scenery. You simply need to follow the on-screen prompts and it will guide you through taking the photo, and you will end up with an amazing shot. Also look for the yellow icon above the shutter release this enables a mode called motion panorama and this captures a video alongside the photo tilting the phone controls the motion of the picture and is a fun mode.

Food Mode

This mode is dedicated to improving your photos of food, great for optimising your Instagram shots. It combines the background blurring effect of the live focus along with a tilt shift effect that really makes the food stand out from the background. You can use your finger on the screen to change the focal point of the image which is great for making sure that you get the image you want. 

Super Slow-Motion Video

This is a great mode for capturing really fast-moving objects. It runs a video capture at 960 frames per second which when played back at normal speed will show the object moving slowly. Whilst the mode can create some stunning and impressive videos, it takes some practice to ensure that you get the best from the mode. You can either take the video manually or automatically with the automatic mode starting the capture once the object enters the on-screen frame.