samsung galaxy note 9 dominating the market

Samsung Note 9 Upgrade Continues to Dominate

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The iPhone XR is one of three new handsets unveiled by Apple last September. The last of the trio but by no means the least. Marketed by the company as being a way for more people to access Apple technology this is a cut-down version of their flagship phones; however it features some seriously heavyweight technology and is going to make waves as people begin to realise just what a little cracker this really is. The camera is a great place to start as it really is quite amazing.

The Internal Magic

Before we even look at the camera lens, we need to stop and admire the technology that powers this phone, and therefore supports the camera. The advanced A12 Bionic chips set brings a Neural Engine which creates so much magic inside the handset. Sensors and processors combine with advanced algorithms to act as your photographic wingman and help you get the best shots possible, and they are good.

Smart HDR is the piece of technology that knows just when to enhance the shadows or pick up the highlights to create such realistic images you will almost forget they are photographs. Bokeh is the thing that controls the background blur, and when combined with depth control, which can be adjusted after your shot, you can create the most stunning portraits you will fool people into thinking you were using a top of the range camera rather than a phone.

When it comes to taking selfies, you will find the Enhanced Portrait mode an invaluable tool, and again the same depth control works on the front-facing camera giving you a chance to adjust after the shutter has gone off.

The Hardware

So what does the iPhone XR have when it comes to lens power? On the back you will find a single lens and the flash, the lens offers an impressive 12MP, a  2x faster sensor, OIS, f/1.8 wide-angle lens and 4K video up to 60 fps. On the front your will find the 7MP TrueDepth front camera which gives a f/2.2 wide-angle lens, 1080p HD video up to 60 fps and all-new video stabilisation, making it perfect for a range of tasks including live video streaming and selfies.

There is so much on offer with the camera for the iPhone XR that it is going to be the selling point for many, as you are getting serious amounts of technology at a price that is more than reasonable when you consider the overall package on offer with this handset. It can more than compete with larger MP lenses thanks to the Apple magic woven into the supporting technology. So, if you are thinking that the iPhone XR might be the camera for you then why not have a look at the massive range of deals we have on offer, as we reached out to our partners at Vodafone and EE to secure you the best possible deals and we are seriously impressed with what we have been able to achieve.