So, What is 5G and When Do I Get It?

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5G is here, but if like many others you are scratching your head and saying ‘What now?’ Don’t worry; you are far from alone. So, here is a quick lesson on 5G and what it means for you and your mobile phone.

5G up to 10 times faster

When you leave your WiFi and head out into the world your smartphone very helpfully connects itself to 4G, and in some rural areas, you might even still see 3G although this has virtually disappeared now and been replaced by 4G. 5G is the next natural step, and as technology develops, it is offering an even faster and better connection speed when not using a wireless network.

This is really good news for handset use when you are out and about, and 5G is set to cure many ills that 4G suffered from, and will soon become your mobile internet best friend as it will be everywhere you go and bringing a totally awesome performance with it.

So, you will find that when you download something, let’s say a film; it will be up to ten times faster than 4G. This translates to the cold hard fact that you will now be able to download a movie in, well, seconds rather than minutes. The lag time, the gap between when you click on a link, and when the page loads will also decrease, things will become super fast and instant, which again is excellent news.

EE lead the way

Finally, and perhaps the best part is that is has a much higher carrying capacity. This means more users can get on at the same time and experience the best level of service possible.

If you have ever been stuck trying to do something, say just before midnight on New Year’s Eve when everyone and his mate wants to use their phone, then you will know the frustration of being somewhere the 4G cannot handle. Festivals, sports events, wherever large crowds of people end up, this is where you will really notice the large capacity, but everyone will immediately notice the speed difference.

This is a rollout kind of deal, so we feel the frustration of the more rural areas as cities do tend to go first, but it is not just the 5G that is fast, the planned rollout is too, so don’t worry you will not have to wait long. In fact, in some areas, it has already hit, with EE being the first of the carries to launch, which they did just a couple of days ago at the end of May.

To access it you will need a handset which has the 5G modem, and we have the first handsets that are 5G ready in stock waiting for you and believe us it is not just the 5G element that makes these handsets totally wicked.

The phone manufacturers have really gone to town, and all the 5G handsets we have are packed to the hilt with the latest in mobile phone functionality and are some seriously top-flight phones, so pop over and have a look at 5G.

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