What’s new with the iPhone SE?

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April 2020 saw the release of the next addition from Apple but what’s new with the iPhone SE? This small handset packs a lot of power, we promise. Apple wanted to bring a budget handset to the table, allowing more people to enter the iOS world and try out their top technology. Thanks to this addition, people with lower budgets will be able to get the best technology!


High End Design

It doesn’t come to much of a surprise that the new iPhone has a super sleek, professional design with a very expensive looking finish. All iPhones scream luxury and they wouldn’t lose that for the iPhone SE. There’s 3 different colours to choose from with the iPhone SE. If you’re looking for something classic and understated, you can choose between the Black and White options. For something a little more out there and eye catching, Apple have of course including their iconic Red option. Each of these variants have the same glass back finish with a very smooth feel.

When you flip over the front of the phone, you’ll notice that the home button has in fact made a comeback. Apple have actually decided that the legendary home button is much needed on the iPhone SE, which has also reintroduced Touch ID too. This addition to the Apple family isn’t the biggest as it only has a 4.7 inch Retina IPS LCD display. You’ll still be able to view lots of what you love in one place and you can be assured it’ll be in great quality.


A13 Bionic

That’s right. The A13 Bionic is making an appearance in the iPhone SE. This is the same chip that’s found in the iPhone 11 Pro, showing just how impressive it is. This chip does a whole lot to make this smartphone work as well as it does. In theory, this phone is the brains of any phone it’s featured in. Thanks to the A13, you’ll be able to stream, download and upload with no interruption at all. You’ll even be able to use augmented reality with no issues.


Camera Set Up

As this is a budget handset, the camera isn’t as good as those found on the iPhone 11 series. That being said, the iPhone SE still holds a surprisingly good camera system. On the back of the phone, you’ll find a single 12MP lens. This lens alone will give you extremely high quality photos with lots of colour and no noise.

Of course, this isn’t enough for Apple. They need to have more in the camera set up so that you’re blown away. Portrait Mode is one of the main additions to this camera that’s giving you the ability to produce highly professional images and Apple constantly works to make this even better. With Portrait Mode, you’ll be able to soften the background of your photo whilst focusing on the subject. This will make your photos seriously pop out. You can also change the lighting situations to suit the vibe you want.


Security and Privacy

Seeing as Apple have reintroduced the home button, you would expect to see Touch ID make a comeback and that’s exactly what’s happened. Once again, you will be able to securely unlock your iPhone with the touch of your finger. This also acts as a great way to log into apps or even use Apple Pay. This feature was removed when we lost the home button from Apple iPhones a few years back.

You’re always going to want to make sure that your data is safe, with any smartphone you have. With the iPhone SE, that’s one of their top priorities. You will never need to share information you don’t want to share, whether that’s photos or email addresses. With privacy so high up on Apple’s radar, you’re probably wondering what they’ve done to combat hackers, trackers or companies.

In each of the apps used on Apple devices, such as Safari and the Photo Gallery, there are built in algorithms to help avoid any unwanted data tracking. With Apple Maps, your location history will stay in the past. You are not being tracked everywhere you go and no history is kept of your locations. Safari has special Intelligent Tracking Prevention technology which helps stop advertisers from following your online activity. Your photos are arranged using machine learning so you can trust no one other than yourself is seeing them without your permission. Apple will also never read your iMessages so only you and the other person in the conversation will see them. These are just a few quick insights into how far Apple goes to keep your phone safe.


Once you know what’s new with the iPhone SE, you’ll see how amazing this phone really is. You’ll be able to find super low iPhone SE pay monthly contracts to suit every budget.