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What is the Deal with Cached Data?

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Have you ever heard a term but not been quite sure what it means? With mobile phones and technology, this tends to happen quite a lot, and cached data is one of those terms that most people do not understand. Because our smartphones can do so much more than just make and receive phone calls and technology has moved on substantially, they are more complex. Now, most smartphones come with a plethora of apps and access to the internet and these functions all use data and space on the phone.

Why Is Cached Data Stored?

Data stored in the cache Is a bit like a long-term memory of an app. When you first go somewhere new, your brain will remember essential information about the place, and when you return, again it will be familiar. This is how cached data works, and the purpose is to ensure that things load faster. It has been shown that businesses are in danger of losing the customers if the pages or websites take too long to load.

When your phone has a cache memory, it means the next time you visit the same site or use the same app the performance will be faster because your phone remembers you have been there before. So this is a feature that benefits both businesses and users because things work quicker, and there is less frustration waiting for pages to load.

Can Cached Data Slow Down a Mobile Phone?

However, with every positive, there is a knock on negative, and in this case, it comes down to space on your mobile. While the information that that is stored is relatively small, over time, as most people tend to use lots of apps, it becomes large and can cause the performance of the mobile to slow down, making it rather self-defeating. It is helpful for sites that you visit most often; however, it can be removed with little adverse effect.

It does mean that you would be asked to for example login to pages again, but the cache data will start again from the next time you visit the site, and it will remember you again going forward. If you clear your cache, you will not be removing any vital data, just the small pieces of information that can easily be found again by the mobile when you next visit the site.

Who Do you Clear Cached Data?

So the next question is, how do we clear the cache? The process will be slightly different for each handset so you may need to have a look on the Internet when it comes to your specific phone. But generally, it will be found in the settings menu under your Internet browser settings.

If you are having performance issues like your handset is running slowly or you cannot download new apps because you do not have enough space clearing the cache is an efficient way of freeing up vital storage space. Some devices will let you clear the cache on specific apps only, Whereas others who simply wipe the whole space but it doesn’t really matter the only thing you might notice is the first time you revisit a website after you have cleared the cache it might be a little bit slower