apple iphone 11 compared to iphone xs

The Difference Between iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone XS Max

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If you love Apple, you will know how exciting it is when launch day rolls around. The only problem is it leaves you with a total conundrum. Which handset do you go for this time? Don’t worry, you are not alone, lots of people are pondering this one, so here are the key differences between the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and the current flagship the iPhone XS Max. 

The Screen

To be fair, there is not much difference on first glance. The handsets are the same size, coming in at 6.5-inches. Now, this is the most popular size on the market at the moment because it offers the phablet experience without being too huge. It is perfect as a phone but also appeals to those users who like to stream movies and play mobile games. The main difference lies within the screen and the technology used to power it. For the first time, Apple has induced something called Super Retina XDR, and this is used on the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. The iPhone XS Max is a very good, but often seen OLED screen. 

The Cameras

Now, if you turn the handsets over, you will instantly see one big difference, and that is the camera housing and array. On the iPhone XS Max, we have two cameras in a vertical stack with an LED flash included; the housing is also mounted through a cut out on the back of the handset. The iPhone 11 Pro Max boasts three lenses, and this is the first time this has been seen from Apple. The three new lenses are all 12MP, one wide, one ultra-wide and one telephoto, whereas on the XS Max there are two 12MP lenses, one wide and one telephoto, so the ultra-wide is the new kid on the block. 

The Video Capability 

So, when it comes to video capture, the iPhone XS Max has to take a back seat. It can record video from both the front and back cameras and the quality is very good. However, video capabilities were the main focus of the new iPhone 11 Pro Max release, and Apple is very proud of what they have achieved in this area. The whole video recording and editing have been overhauled and are now at a pro-level, which was showcased in a film shot on the handset at the launch event. The editing tools are powerful and professional in nature. 

The Chipset 

The same but different is the takeaway here. The iPhone XS Max runs the A12 Bionic, which has a strong focus on the neural engine, machine learning and augmented reality as well as offering a long performance life and multi process capabilities. The iPhone 11 Pro Max runs the newest incarnation the A13 Bionic and has some of the same focus with AR and neural learning, but it is faster, and smarter and works in a more targeted way to ensure nothing is wasted and the handset is performing at the highest level.