Best Image Editor – Autodesk Pixlr

Best Image Editor – Autodesk Pixlr
As technology continues to evolve, our desire to do more stuff on the go gets bigger and bigger with each passing year. Few years ago, image editing was only reserved for the pros because it took a lot of time and required software even the biggest boffins would find hard to understand. But Android and Play Store have brought an end to that by giving us the perfect platform together with highly capable hardware.

Autodesk Pixlr
Most phones today pack cameras that are more powerful than what professional photographers used a decade ago. Combine that with excellent 5 inch or larger AMOLED screen and sky is the limit to what can be done on the move. As is the case with all categories on play store, image editing has more apps than one could possibly go through in a millennium. To save you the trouble of trying out each one individually, we went out and tested a few to bring you a review of the best all-rounder.

On review today we have an app called Autodesk Pixlr. Autodesk is a company well known in engineering circles for its AutoCAD software, which is pretty much the bread and butter of every engineer out there. Less known is the fact that Autodesk has an excellent Media and Entertainment division making software such as Maya 3D, widely used in animation and modelling. You can imagine then that because of this vast experience, Pixlr has more options than a fully spec’d space shuttle. And it does. Pixlr has over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and borders to make you look like the Da Vinci of smartphone photography.

For starters, one can preview effects and overlays straight from the camera eliminating the need to go back and retake the image. It’s much easier when you’re able to see the results right away. Here is a partial list of the advantages:

•    Images can be easily cropped, rotated and adjusted when saving and sharing.
•    Resizing can be done with just a few quick taps.
•    Photo collages can be created by editing their layout, background, and spacing.
•    There is an option called Auto-Fix which automatically adjusts for poor lighting conditions and balances out colours.
•    Remove red eyes and whiten teeth with a very quick and easy tool
•    Share photos directly with friends through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

We can’t possibly think of a feature Autodesk has forgotten. You might think that all the options make it complicated to use, but it is so intuitive. All the functions are located in the right place and the icons are clearly marked. As is with every software, you’ll need a couple of minutes to adapt and get the hang of it, but once you get going there is no looking back. We are sure that you’ll fall in love with Pixlr, adding masterpieces to your family album in no time. Head over to the Play Store to grab a free copy right away!

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