Transfer Outlook Contacts to Your Galaxy S6

Transfer Outlook Contacts to Your Galaxy S6
Buying a new smartphone is exciting, but there are some not so exciting elements to it such as transferring over your contacts and other important data.

In today’s article we will focus on transferring contacts to your new Samsung Galaxy S6. Like most smartphone manufacturers, Samsung has its own proprietary software called Kies. You can download Kies3 on Samsung’s official website or by following our link:

Once the Kies has finished downloading, proceed with installing it. There are no special steps one has to take, just follow the installation instructions and you’ll be done in no time. After the software has been installed, run it and make sure that the USB cable is properly connected to both PC and the phone. Kies should register that your device has been connected and display a list of available tabs.

To begin setting up, click on the Sync tab located in the middle:

Samsung Kies

Once you have done that, it’s time to select the application you want to sync the contacts with, which in this case is Outlook.

Samsung Kies

When setting up the contacts for syncing, there are a few important points to remember:

•    Select All contacts to sync all of the contacts in Outlook with your device.
•    Select Selected Contacts folder to sync only the contacts available in a specific contacts folder in Outlook.
•    Select the Syncing Direction by clicking the drop-down box. When syncing in both directions, or from the device to Outlook only, you can define the Outlook contacts folder where you want to save contacts stored on your device.
•    Mark the checkbox next to Sync the Outlook category with the contact group of the device to set the sync function to map the Outlook category field to the group assigned to a contact.

After defining all the preferences above, it’s time to move onto the final step by hitting the Sync button located in the top-right corner of the Sync tab. To make life a little easier, Kies can be set up to sync automatically every time you connect the device. To turn on automatic sync, navigate to the Basic information tab, and select the checkbox next to Sync automatically when device is connected. Simple as that!

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