5 Great Apps for University Life

5 Great Apps for University Life
With 300,000 students having collected their A Level results from state schools alone, universities are poised for the new influx of wide-eyed, pessimistic or opportunistic newbies who are about to cross their thresh-holds.  But what about the students themselves, how do they navigate the world of lectures, rent and life away from home, all on a budget?

5 Great Apps for University Life

Whilst we do not profess to be experts on such matters, we do care enough about the future to suggest 5 great apps that may be of help in this new topography. We hope these go some way to help take the edge off and leave more time for the more important things ahead.

This application is ideal for students that need to create a to-do list. It also synchronizes all tasks with other devices so that the list can be accessed from anywhere. You can add new entries to the list, or even use your voice to create tasks. You can change the priority of your entry, mark a task as completed, or you can even shake your device to remove all completed tasks from it. The Any.Do widget can be added to your home screen for quick and easy access to the app and it’s features also. is a big collection or bulletin board that you can customize to the news and ‘feed’ that you want to receive straight to your phone. It helps anyone with a busy lifestyle keep themselves up to date with current affairs any anything else that might interest them all in one place.

College students often have problems with money, whether saving or budgeting, even if you have enough savings, they always tend to disappear. Do not let this happen! Why not download the Mint app to control your budget and to see what your money is usually spent on. Perhaps you will become more responsible. You can categorize your spending with each transaction to give you a better understanding of the averages and where your money tends to go.

My Study Life

The free My Study Life app replaces any paper planner by keeping track of your workload across multiple platforms and devices. Manage your classes with week and day timetables, keep track of tasks and exams in the cloud and receive notifications to keep you up to date with exam schedules and classes. A clean interface and the ability to colour code your classes make the calendar easy to read.

Indeed Job Search

What's the point of all that studying if you can't pay back your student loans? With the free Indeed Job Search app, you can browse listings, create a resume and apply for full-time, part-time and freelance jobs on the go. Finding a gig is as easy as typing in what kind of job you want and where you want it through Indeed's clean user interface. You can also save and email your favourite job postings, follow companies to get the latest updates and have new job postings delivered to your inbox. Indeed, has a database of more than 15 million jobs, so there are plenty of opportunities for students and recent graduates.

IQ Mobile

We are currently offering the perfect mobile SIM/Tarif for students.  Click here for more information.  IQ is the intelligent way to invest your smart phone budget.

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