Top Apps for Music Lovers

Top Apps for Music Lovers
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It’s been a typical British summer, fraught with tailbacks, downpours and multiple wardrobe choices.  One thing we can rely on is the constant drive by those with the know-how to produce the Mother of All – music apps.

We’ve been checking out what’s on offer for those who listen, those who appreciate and those who play.

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Google Drive - FREE on iOS.  Google Drive allows you to share and reach your files from any smartphone, computer or tablet. You automatically get 15GB of free storage and can buy more. All files in Google Drive are secure and backed up so can’t be lost. This app can also be used to store music files (E.G: songs) and can be accessed by multiple people of your choice on multiple devices – great for families and those who care enough to share. You can also download files directly from Google Drive, making it temptingly easy option.

Dropbox- FREE on iOS. Dropbox is an app similar to Google Drive which allows you to store your files and share them with people of your choice. This app is very popular with musicians and photographers because of this, however the initial space is limited which means you pay to upgrade if you have even the average collection of tunes. It also allows you to access your files via phone no matter where you are as all of your Dropbox files are automatically synced to all of your registered devices. You can also send large files to anyone, even someone that doesn’t already have a Dropbox account. This can also prevent you from losing any important files as they can be automatically backed up from your computer.

Songsterr Tabs & Chords- FREE on iOS. Songsterr has a database of 500,000 tabs and chords for guitar, bass and drums. You can choose the difficulty level and learn how to play along with the app. There is also an option to play along at half the speed which would benefit anyone working at a lower ability.

SoundHound - FREE on iOS. Have you ever had a song stuck in your head and you just cant figure out what it is? That’s no longer a problem with SoundHound, all you have to do is hum or sing a song to the app and it will identify the song for you. It can also live-stream lyrics to the songs you’re listening to at that moment, and, if that wasn’t enough, you can also add songs to your Spotify playlists directly from the app.

Pandora - FREE on iOS. Pandora allows you to create your own personalised radio and listen to it whenever you want on your smartphone, the app analyses your music tastes and plays music you’re likely to enjoy, the app is constantly evolving with your music taste. Offers hundreds of genre stations so you’ll always find music that suits your mood or what you’re doing. You can listen on desktop, mobile, TV, home devices and even in your car. This one we like!

VSCO - FREE on iOS.  If you’re someone who’s into photography of gigs and concerts, then you need this app. VSCO is a free photo editing app. You can also search for specific people and pictures within the app and can find and follow friends.  Great for tagging and reliving event memoires.

Songkick - FREE on iOS. You never have to worry about missing a great gig again. Songkick creates personalised concert recommendations for you based on your music listening habits. It searches your music library (Apple Music, Spotify etc..) to create your music MO, then Songkick suggests concerts that you’re likely to want to go to and notifies you of when your favourite artists have upcoming shows. You can also buy tickets within the app which saves time and makes everything much easier.

Metronome - FREE on iOS. Metronome allows you to check your tempo when playing music, this is therefore a very useful app for any musician who’s into recording or just for practice.


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