FoneGuide: Best podcast apps for Android

FoneGuide: Best podcast apps for Android
There’s an abundant supply of podcast apps available in the Play Store, and in this edition of FoneGuide we’ve selected 3 options that should suit different kind of users.

FoneGuide: Best podcast apps for Android

Podcasts are a type of digital media that has smoothly transitioned from dedicated players to smartphones. It's easy to see why - with podcasts, you get the ultimate freedom to choose from a rich variety of content (news, comedy, etc.), and decide when exactly you want it to be delivered to your digital doorstep.

The popularity of podcasts also meant a huge surge in demand for smartphone apps. There's, as always, a mind-boggling variety of free and paid apps that will suit just about any kind of smartphone user. In the latest edition of FoneGuide, we've painstakingly selected three notable apps that would best fit a beginner, intermediate, and advanced user of podcasts.

OneCast - podcast simply Free

OneCast stays true to its premise by offering a simple and clutter free podcast experience. And when we say simple, we don't actually mean it in a bad way. True, you won't find advanced features in OneCast such as download management or integration with your Google Reader account. Simplicity, however, is also what makes this particular app so attractive, especially for those users who only occasionally listen to podcasts on their phone.

Subscribing to podcasts couldn't get any easier - you simply search for your desired podcast, and then the app will automatically add it to your subscribed podcasts feed in the main menu. What's more, the basic set of features doesn't detract from the straightforward nature of this app, and it's why we feel OneCast has rightfully earned its spot in the list.

Podkicker Podcast Player Free / Pro

If you liked the simplicity of OneCast, but found yourself craving for a bit more flexibility in terms of features, then Podkicker could be the ideal choice. Similar to OneCast, this podcast manager brings simple and easy to learn UI to the forefront, while also adding a couple of features of its more expensive brethren.

For starters, there's the ability to not only explore audio and video podcasts using the integrated search engine, but the user also has the option to import feeds via OPML file or Google Reader. If you decide to opt for the paid version, you can expect an even more streamlined, swipe-based user interface along with automatic downloads feature, sleep timer and car mode. If these are the sort of features you see yourself using, then there's little sense in overpaying for the more advanced and complicated podcast manager apps like BeyondPod.

BeyondPod Podcast Manager Free / Pro (unlock key)

BeyondPod is arguably the most popular podcast app for Android, and it's the weapon of choice for users who require extra control over their podcast listening experience. BeyondPod is packed to the brim with intelligent features that are designed to make your life easier, such as automatic podcast download and deletion, sleep timer, and smart playlists, that will automatically play podcasts based on your listening preference. You can discover new podcasts by using the app's search engine, or you can import an OPML file and add specific feeds from your Google Reader account.
Beyond Podcast

Sadly, the heaps of customisation options mean that BeyondPod has a relatively steep leaning curve. If you're ready to master its features, however, you get a podcast manager that can easily outshine the competition. The free version of BeyondPod comes with a 7-day full version trial, which gives you ample time to decide whether the convenience features are really worth your money.

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