Fonehouse blog: The Year-End Wrap Up

Fonehouse blog: The Year-End Wrap Up
It’s time to close this eventful year with one last look back at what’s been done and accomplished over at the Fonehouse blog, and you’re all invited!


It has been an eventful year for all things mobile tech. New and powerful devices have emerged, more connected as ever, all the while the number of truly innovative mobile apps and games have spiked to reflect the booming industry. Needless to say, 2012 proved to be an incredibly exciting time for us at Fonehouse. For the last blog post this year, we've rounded-up some of our biggest stories that we had the pleasure to work on.
Galaxy S3

Incidentally, we kicked things right off with what could arguably be the biggest mobile release of the year - Samsung Galaxy S III. Since we were dealing with an Android smartphone of epic proportions, we had to split the review in two parts, going in-depth about the Galaxy S III's sleek aesthetics, glorious high-resolution display and monster specs under the hood. As it turned out, the world domination of the S III was only beginning, and we would later see Samsung's flagship smartphone make headlines several times throughout the year.

Another gadget that clearly belongs to the First Class division of smartphones, the HTC One X also went through our rigorous testing procedures, impressing us in turn with its amazing polycarbonate unibody, Beats Audio sound enhancements and throughout top-of-the-line specs. Not every phone, however, has to be born a leader in order be successful, and the compact and likeable Sony Xperia U showed us all the right reasons. As entry-level Android smartphone, the Xperia U put up a convincing argument with its sharp screen, speedy dual-core processor and refreshing design.
Motorola RAZRi

On the other hand, if we had to crown the most well balanced smartphone of 2012, then that honour would definitely go out to Motorola RAZR i. With a spacious yet compact edge-to-edge display, durable aluminium and Kevlar-made body, and single-core 2 GHz Intel Atom processor that didn't compromise battery life - virtually everything on the RAZR i was approached and measured with the actual user experience in mind. That, along with phone's defiance of today's mantra that bigger is always better, and it's no wonder that Motorola RAZR i has earned its spot as one of our favourite phones of 2012.
FoneGuide podcasting

At the same time, we know all too well that a mobile OS is as good as the amount and quality of apps that it can offer. Luckily enough, this year marked the release of many interesting and useful free apps for the serial app-a-holics among us. To help you navigate through that tangle of content, we at Fonehouse kicked off the FoneGuide series, wherein we not only went into detail about our favourite photography applications, but we've also discussed web browsers, GPS tracking, and even keyboard apps.

With our FoneGuide series, however, we're thinking far beyond just mobile apps and games - it's also about giving you an in-depth information on certain topics that would enable you to use your smartphone much more effectively. For example, we've put together this handy guide that explains, step-by-step, how you can easily stay ahead of your monthly Internet bills and still enjoy all of the features of your smartphone.

New phone and app releases were not the sole reason why this year was so notable, particularly for the residents in UK. EE, the parent company of T-Mobile and Orange, launched UK's first 4G LTE network on October 30th, initially bringing the high-speed mobile service to 11 major cities. The fourth generation mobile network is approximately five times faster than 3G, letting customers enjoy instantaneous load times, whether they are streaming high-definition content, playing live multiplayer games or just browsing the web. Of course, customers, who are interested to take advantage of the new service, also need a 4G LTE compatible handset, and luckily the market quickly adapted to fill in the gaps in demand with top handsets like Samsung Galaxy S III LTE, HTC One XL or Huawei Ascend P1 LTE.

Phew, that's that for 2012. Did we say it was a thrilling, gadget-laden year? Stay assured, we'll be bringing plenty more exciting and informative posts in 2013, so that you, dear reader, can always stay on top of what's currently hot in the world of mobiles.

Happy New Year!

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