Google selects best Android games of 2012

Google selects best Android games of 2012
Google continues to wrap up the year by listing some of the best Android games of 2012.

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It only takes a glance over the top charts of Google Play Store to realise that mobile games are incredibly popular amongst Android users. This form of entertainment has developed rapidly along with the smartphone industry, often fuelling the consumers need to upgrade to more powerful devices with spacious, high-resolution displays. Mobile games are an important component to keep the momentum going for Android, making Google's task in picking which few titles deserve attention all that more difficult.
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There are 12 titles that made it into the coveted 'Best of 2012' list. As you'd expect, Google tried to balance things out with a wide variety of game types, from casual platformers to shooters and even in-depth strategy games. Among the lot you'll find such gems like 'The Bards Tale', a solid Role Playing Game with a healthy dose of humour, Naught, a unique thinking puzzle-type game that will immerse you with its visuals, and Shadowgun: DeadZone, a gorgeous looking 3rd person shooter that brings the intensity of online multiplayer to mobile gamers. Need for Speed™ Most Wanted also made the list, a racing game that really pushes the mobile platform to its limits with heart-pounding gameplay and realistic graphics.

Subway Surfers and Strikefleet Omega

You can check out the complete list of Google's top picks for Android games below, in no particular order:

•    The Bard’s Tale by Inxile Entertainment
•    Nun Attack by Frima Studio, Inc.
•    Granny Smith by Mediocre
•    Zookeeper Battle by Kiteretsu, Inc.
•    Devil’s Attorney by Senri Ab
•    Strikefleet Omega by 6Waves
•    Funky Smugglers by 11 Bit Studios
•    Shadowgun: Deadzone by Madfinger Games
•    Need For Speed: Most Wanted by EA
•    Hamlet by Alawar Entertainment, Inc.
•    Subway Surfers by Kiloo Games
•    Naught by Blue Shadow Games S.L.

Best thing of all, exactly half of the listed games are totally free, which means you can give them a try straight away. The rest of the games are currently on sale for a reduced price, and we full-heartily suggest you take advantage of the deals while they last.

Overall, Google has made pretty safe choices with its list of top games this year, giving preference to more established titles that already enjoy a great deal of attention. This goes very much in line with Google's previous post, where the company selected its favourite Android apps of 2012. Perhaps a bit more surprising is the complete absence of games from Rovio - could it really be that, after all these years, we have finally grown tired of the Angry Birds franchise?

It's been a good year for Google. Not only we've seen some truly exceptional Android smartphones come out during 2012, such as the Samsung Galaxy S III or HTC One XL, but there's also been a noticeable influx of high quality content found in Google's Play Store. There's no secret formula that only the highest echelons in Google know about. As more and more mobile users flock to Android, so does the number of developers who strive to meet the platform's insatiable demand for apps and games. It's the perfect circle that sustains and grows Google's digital storefront for the legions upon legions of Android devices that are out there.

Do you agree with Google’s top picks this year?


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