Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite update rolls out today

Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite update rolls out today
It seems that Christmas has come a little early for the Galaxy S III owners in UK, as Samsung has officially started rolling out the Premium Suite update to its fabled flagship smartphone. Multi Window support, easier photo sharing via NFC and camera tweaks are among the host of new features that this software update brings along.

Samsung Galaxy S3

The Premium Suite update, which can be downloaded over-the-air (OTA) or using Samsung’s KIES desktop software, brings over a lot of familiar, but nevertheless cool features from Galaxy S III's bigger brother, the Note II. The Multi Window mode lets users run two apps side by side, and is an amazing way to employ all that processing prowess of the Galaxy SIII.

Galaxy S3
The camera has also learned a few useful tricks of its own. With the Best Face setting, Samsung Galaxy S III will let you choose the best face for each person from five consecutive pictures. There's also a new low light mode that drastically improves the quality of the photos taken in low light conditions, while the panorama shot mode has been expanded to an impressive 360 degrees. Moreover, users can now quickly exchange photos and videos between S-Beam enabled devices using the Auto Share Shot tool, and there's an all-new Samsung Gallery system that allows considerably more photos to be fitted on the screen.

Through the new update, Samsung has also implemented some interesting features in order to make the Galaxy S III more user friendly. With the Page Buddy feature, the phone will smartly predict what you intend to do according to your actions, for example, launch the music player when headphones are plugged in. And, thanks the Contextual Tag feature, the Galaxy S3 now allows users to immediately tag their photos with information of plenty, such as date, place and even weather. Finally, when a list of apps is being displayed, there's now a very helpful option to view the most frequently used ones first.

Various less obvious tweaks, such as smart-rotation or Swype-like keyboard input mode, conclude the long list of new additions for the Galaxy S III. In case you've found yourself a bit overwhelmed with the sea of things in the Premium Suite update, Samsung has also readied not one, but two insightful videos to demonstrate all the new features step-by-step. As we mentioned earlier, the update can be applied wirelessly on the device itself, or, alternatively, you can also use Samsung KIES to get the update. On top of all, be sure to enjoy your much-improved Samsung Galaxy S III!



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