HTC EYE Experience and HTC Zoe

HTC EYE Experience and HTC Zoe
In October 2014, HTC launched a new application called the HTC EYE Experience, with a focus on redefining visual capture on mobiles phones. HTC has concentrated on improving video and photo creation, and HTC recently launched a social network called HTC Zoe that allows friends to share and collaborate on video and photo content.

HTC EYE Experience and HTC Zoe

The HTC EYE Experience includes some fun features including the ability for users to virtually apply makeup in real-time while taking photographs. This means it’s now easier than ever to take the perfect selfie.

It is also now possible to combine the image from the self-facing camera and the main camera. This feature allows users to super-impose a self-facing photo onto the main photo in real time, allowing users to be centre stage for all those special moments. With the launch of HTC Zoe, it is easy to then share these photos with friends.

HTC EYE Experience also offers improved functionality to group video chats. A new feature called face-tracking can now automatically adjust the zoom of the camera, even if the caller is moving around, to keep the call participants centre stage. This feature is particularly useful when video calling multiple participants as the screen space dedicated to each caller is reduced.

It is also now also easier than ever to share the content of your screen with other callers, as well as sending and receiving documents.


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