High-Speed Internet On London’s Underground

High-Speed Internet On London’s Underground
The rise of smartphones occurred mostly thanks to one thing, the internet. Just take a quick glance at people around you. Chances are that 2 out of 3 are browsing the web on their smartphone as you’re reading this.

EE Underground Wi-Fi

Internet has become an all-encompassing part of our lives, providing details on every single topic we are interested in, and thanks to its popularity, information sources are virtually boundless. No matter what issue you have, there is someone on the internet to help you out. Countless times we’ve hoped on to inquire about that strange rattling sound in our car or find a forgotten recipe. Sites such as Wikipedia informed us about topics we never dreamed researching and strangers happily helped us fix every imaginable gadget around the house. Thanks to this growing community, many of us managed to overcome countless issues, forming an unbreakable bond with other users across the globe.

For all its goodness, internet has its flaws as well. One of the biggest problems is coverage. Having full signal at home is a given, but what about connectivity on the go? Cellular networks work by sending and receiving low power radio signals via base stations scattered all around the city. While these signals might have an easy time reaching us at home or at the office, places such as London underground, train stations, and other heavily enclosed spaces have very limited reception. Since a huge chunk of our time is spent commuting either to work or somewhere else, having internet on the go becomes a necessity not only for entertainment, but for productivity purposes as well. Seeing that 3G or 4G won’t keep us connected in those places, EE developed a super-fast Wi-Fi network on London’s Underground at no extra cost.

Who exactly is eligible for the service? All EE, T-Mobile and Orange pay monthly mobile customers will be able to access it. Pay as you go customers are qualified too, as long as their account has been topped up with a minimum of £5 within the last 30 days.

The service is available in general areas such as ticket halls, walkways and platforms at more than 100 stations, however it doesn’t extend to tunnels between stations. To keep users connected at all times and on all gadgets, EE offers connectivity to smartphones, tablets and laptops. Devices that can connect to a home, work or public Wi-Fi network will be able to connect to EE’s Wi-Fi service easily. Registering for the service is super simple as well. It involves sending a text message to 9527 containing the following phrase: “EEWIFI”. Shortly afterwards you will receive a unique code which is used for registering on a portal page. Users accessing for the first time will need to provide a phone number, email and the unique code. Successfully registering automatically logs you in every time your device is in range of the network.

EE’s Wi-Fi on the Underground is a great way to stay connected while waiting for the next train. Since it’s a free feature for a lot of users, you’ll definitely miss out by not registering!


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