FoneGuide: Best music players for Android

FoneGuide: Best music players for Android
This edition of FoneGuide sees us digging through the Play store to present you with 5 most functional and stylish music players available for Android.

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The stock music player that ships in the latest Android phones - Google Play Music - is a good and solid way to listen to your mp3 media library on the go. But there's a whole sea of alternatives waiting to be explored, offering more choices to tweak the look, feel and performance of your music player. Today we’ll be looking at the very best, and tell you exactly why you should give these apps control over your audio listening experience.

Winamp – good all around

Not just the ultimate throwback to the good ol' days, Winamp is actually a very solid contender on the Android platform, with a no-nonsense UI that will appeal to many. Naturally, the player didn't just rest on its laurels, and grew to be one of the most feature packed offerings in the Google Play store.

Winamp for Android

Most notably, the app supports wireless media syncing with your Winamp desktop library, and you can even use it to listen to numerous different radio stations with the integrated SHOUTcast feature. Sadly, many more features you might need are only available as in-App purchases, meaning you'll need to open your wallet to get the full experience.

doubleTwist – for iTunes users

As far as popularity goes, doubleTwist enjoys a near universal acclaim amongst Android users. The standout feature of this player is the ability to sync with your iTunes media library - perfect for Mac users - though you will need to open your wallet for the ability to do it over a wireless network.


There's also a selection of other in-app upgrades that will expand the functionality of doubleTwist, like the equaliser, podcast subscriptions or album artwork downloader. Still, if the integration with your iTunes media doesn't appeal to you, there are more comprehensive music players out there that will offer many of the extra features free of charge.

Poweramp – for the control-freaks

Poweramp is widely considered to be among the most feature-packed music players on Android, and you don't have to look far to get the impression. Right out of the box, the player supports nearly every known audio format, including the rare ones like ogg, wma, flac or wav, and there's also the prominent 10 band graphic equaliser to fine-tune your audio listening experience.


Poweramp wraps all of those extensive options with a sleek and usable interface that you can further enhance with downloadable skins. The player only comes short of supporting podcasts, which is a feature you'd really come to expect from what is essentially a paid app. That aside, if you're looking for the most customisable audio player on Android, and ready to pay the price (the trial will only last 2 weeks), then Poweramp will be hardly a disappointment.

N7player – the stylish one

What makes N7player easily standout from its peers is the user interface. The look and feel of this music player mainly revolves around a minimalistic 3D user interface. But, rather than being a gimmick in practice, the N7player handles the extra dimension so well that it actually enhances the usability of the player in some very unique and attractive ways.


The main application screen, for example, is like an interactive tag cloud that you can expand with the pinch-to-zoom gesture to explore your audio files. Song cover art is also prominently displayed throughout the UI, and thus it's no wonder that the music player can also search and download any missing album art from the Internet. Feature wise, the player offers a near-complete package with a 5 band graphic equaliser, tags editor, lock screen widget, sleep timer and more. Among its competitors, N7player might be the coolest player to showcase on the large, high-resolution display of your Android device.

TTPod – sing along

TTPod comes alarmingly close to fan-favourite PowerAmp by offering a ton of additional offline and online features that most other players would charge money for. Not only is TTPod completely free, but it also features automatic album art and lyric downloads. Additional skins can also be easily downloaded from within the app, or the user can choose to set own background image. TTPod leaves virtually no stone unturned with a decent range of audio formats, customisable graphic equaliser and lyrics widget.


However, coming from a Japanese developer, TTPod does have some translation problems, and it's not rare when the app pulls the wrong information about a song from the Internet. The most important bit, sound quality, is a noticeable step-up from the stock Android music player, and that alone should keep most audiophiles happy with TTPod.

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