Free PlayStation Mobile games

Free PlayStation Mobile games
Sony giving away six free PlayStation Mobile games to certified Android handsets.

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A total of six mobile games will be entirely free for the lucky owners of PlayStation Certified devices. As per Sony's PlayStation Blog, the promotion will continue over the course of six weeks, with the first free game, Samurai Beatdown, already available to download from the PlayStation Store.
The "New Year giveaway," as Sony describes it, will offer a free PlayStation Mobile game every Wednesday for the duration of six weeks. In order to grab hold of these freebies from Sony, you'll need to have a PS Vita, or one of the PlayStation Certified smartphones that include Sony Xperia T and S, as well as HTC's One series phones like the HTC One X or One S.

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If you're lucky to own one of these devices, you'll need to download and install the PlayStation Mobile Android application. After creating a free account, head to the store section of the app to find your first free game, Samurai Beatdown.

Samurai Beatdown

Samurai Beatdown is a stylish rhythm action game that has you tapping on the screen in time to the music to hack and slash through countless waves of enemies. Just like like any addictive game should, Samurai Beatdown starts simple but gradually ramps up the challenge… and the number of foes on the screen.


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