Instapaper for Android grows with new features

Instapaper for Android grows with new features
Instapaper gets a slew of new features to give it an edge over the competition.

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Instapaper, the app that lets users capture and format Web content for offline consumption, has received a substantial update through the Google Play store. The 1.2 update not only addresses bugs and performance issues, but it also adds a couple of important features that help bring Instapaper for Android in line with other versions of the app.

The new update includes ''Pagination'', a feature that lets users scroll articles by full pages, mimicking the behaviour of a real book. Perhaps less so useful, the ability to scroll between pages by tilting has also been added. If you look through the app's settings, you'll catch another curious addition - the ability to view content in sepia mode that some users may find easier on the eyes. The final notable addition is something the developers call ''The Feature''. In the unlikely event you've reached the end of your saved articles queue, ''The Feature'' will recommend new articles to read, though it's not entirely clear whether the article suggestions are based on your reading preferences or not.

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Instapaper is a popular choice for users who frequently find themselves in need to save web articles for later viewing. With the "read later" function, users can easily save a copy of any online article from their browser, and then sync the content across their smartphone, tablet and desktop computer. And, since Instapaper makes all content available offline, the app is particularly useful for those pro-longed sessions when you don't have a working Internet connection, for example, when you're travelling via the tube.

As usual, you can find Instapaper in the Google Play store. If the mentioned features sound appealing, but you find Instapaper a bit too pricey, then you should also check out the equally powerful Pocket, which is available for free.


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