Newsreader Pulse gets personal

Newsreader Pulse gets personal
The news aggregator app enters a ’’new age’’ with support for Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook.

Pulse News on RAZRi

Pulse, the all-in-one news reader that brings relevant web content in a stylish and streamlined manner, just got more social. The recently issued update introduces a variety of social networking feeds to the popular news aggregator, including Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube in a bid to let users access all their favourite content in one place.

Pulse news on Android

All of the social features come along with the 3.0.6 update that marks a new direction for Pulse, an app that was merely considered a stylish news aggregator when it launched around two years ago. Since then, online news consumption has drastically changed, with a lot of people now reading up-to-minute content from their favourite social networks in addition to traditional news sources. According to developer's blog post, switching between different social networks ''is so 2012'', and it's what the latest Pulse update is aiming to fix.

Instagram Flickr on Pulse

To take advantage of the latest features, you'll need to swipe from the left side of the screen and tap on the blue ''Add Content'' button. From there, just swipe to ''Social'' to see the new services. You'll need to tap on the ''+" to add them to a pre-defined news page, or start an entirely new page if you so choose. The last step is to sign-in the respective services, and Pulse will start downloading content from your Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube feeds. This, of course, comes in addition to the app's standard ability to pull content from Google Reader, Pocket and Readability.

It's not just about making the content you consume more personal in Pulse, as the update also introduces a number of improvements to make the photo and video browsing experience more enjoyable. The result is a comprehensive, multi-talented online content aggregator that is, perhaps, only rivalled by the visually distinctive Flipboard. As Pulse developer puts it - ‘‘welcome to the new age''.

Pulse is freely available on most mobile platforms, including Android (we've tested it on our Motorola RAZR i). Additionally, you can also check out its beautiful Web app on your browser of choice.


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