EE Film Club - Budget Streaming Redefined

EE Film Club - Budget Streaming Redefined
Movies are definitely one of our favorite forms of entertainment. What’s better than sitting down and relaxing with a cheerful comedy or a suspenseful thriller? Our fascination with movies will be enhanced a with a brand new service called EE Film Club.

We all know that internet has greatly impacted the way we access multimedia. Not long ago watching new blockbusters was limited to the cinema crowd, but with the rise of streaming services our TVs have replaced the cinema experience. Thanks to massive screens and 4k panels, watching a movie at home is just as good. Not only do you not have to worry about parking and tickets, you can pause the movie whenever you want to make more popcorn. It’s no wonder then that the use of streaming services has skyrocketed over the past few years. Realizing that technology has taken a new direction, EE made the right move by introducing an inexpensive deal for those who want to stay at home and enjoy a good film.

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To deliver the latest blockbusters to your living room or bedroom, EE partnered up with a streaming service called Wuaki. Wuaki isn’t as well-known as Netflix or Hulu, but it provides a decent selection of titles. EE has a special section on the service so for the most accurate movie list, it’s best to visit their website.  We haven’t mentioned the best part of this deal; watching a movie costs just £1. That’s right, one pound and it is not a typo. Like most streaming services, Wuaki is available on a vast variety of platforms such as Chromecast, XBox One, XBox 360, iPhones and iPads (playback only, you'll need to redeem the voucher via a web browser), Android smartphones and tablets, Mac & PC, EE TV, Samsung Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs, Panasonic Smart TVs and more.

Registering for the service is an utterly simple process. All you have to do is navigate to Wuaki’s web site and create a new account. The service is available to EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers including those who only have mobile or home internet. After you have created a new account, simply text FILM to 141 for your promo code, then go to between Monday and Wednesday to choose a movie. Note that the text message costs an additional 35p. Some limitations are in place such as being allowed only one code per week and being able to redeem it between 00:01 Monday and 23:59 on Wednesday, however you do get 48 hours to watch the film once you redeem your voucher which is much more flexible than watching it at a set time in cinema.

On the whole, EE’s streaming service is a modern take on affordable movie tickets and definitely worth the asking price.


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