What to expect in 2016?

What to expect in 2016?
As technology continues to make our lives more pleasant, smartphone manufacturers cram more and more tech into increasingly slimmer devices. We are huge fans of cutting edge innovation and features that generally make daily tasks easier so we decided to take a closer look at tech ready to surface this year.

Rising out of the shadows, smartphones became the dominant force in technology by replacing a lot of other devices. When was the last time you grabbed a camcorder or an mp3 player? Probably never because the smartphone in your pocket is capable of much more than performing a single function. Only the professionals among you will ever see the need to carry around a DSLR camera or something that can record professional-grade videos. Nonetheless, smartphone cameras have gotten so good that there are quite a few music videos in circulation recorded with nothing but a smartphone and few editing tricks.

In terms of screens we’ve seen 1080p become pretty much the standard on any worthwhile device. Resolution isn’t a sole indication of quality, but it reassures you that there will be plenty of detail when needed. Since our screens continue to grow, it’s favourable to stay north of 300ppi density in order to max out the experience. This year’s flagships have moved to 2K screens with the exception of Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium which packs an eye-watering 4K screen. We could hardly believe that such density could be achieved, but this isn’t the first time technology surprised us. For next year we expect a lot more 4K screens as manufacturers start to better manage power consumption. There is also hope that 2K screens will become more affordable placing them within reach of mid-range devices, vastly improving the viewing experience for many.

Our next prediction comes from the realms of security. Even though we don’t pay much attention to it, security should be a huge concern for everyone with a smartphone. Just stop to think how much personal data is stored on your device right now? Losing your device or having it stolen wouldn’t only have financial consequences, but someone might actually be able to steal your entire identity, a situation no one wants to experience. As a result, manufacturers are implementing all kinds of security measures to keep us protected and one of our favourites is the fingerprint scanner. Quick, accurate, and easy to use, it represents the perfect mass-security feature to protect more than just a few security obsessed individuals. On most current devices it’s very easy to set up and replicating one’s fingerprint is nigh on impossible. In 2016 we expect quite a few manufacturers to introduce this feature even on lower-end devices.

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