10 Apps that you just NEED to have

10 Apps that you just NEED to have
If you’re like me, you always happen to find things I want to read when I’m too busy to read them.

pocket app logoPocket
This is where Pocket thrives, as with this app you can save the things you want to read or watch later all in one place. You can then come back to this whenever you like, with no Wi-Fi needed!
So, it’s perfect, not only can you come back to all your favourite must reads, you can also do it anywhere.
Free on App Store/Play Store

Giphy app logoGiphy
Now this is a personal favourite too. To make your conversation even more entertaining download the newest trending GIFs on the internet. Search and browse for reactions, memes and more with Giphy, and create the best reactions guaranteed to get some laughs. You can now show it instead of saying it.
Free on App Store/Play Store

Screenshot logoScreenshop
Now this really is something else. Ever see someone on social media, wearing an outfit and you’re just dying to know where its from? Well you’ve come to the right place! With Screenshop, you can take a screenshot of the photo or outfit you want to find more about, upload it onto the app and bam. You will be hit with a tonne of similar products you can buy all in the same place!
Free on App Store/Play Store
This app combines podcasts and books by telling thrilling stories you can either listen to or read. This is regularly updated with new content (weekly) to keep you entertained. Perfect for just before bed or train rides
Free on App Store/Play Store
google photos logoGoogle Photos
Now this app really is smart. A massive problem that most iPhone users would have experienced is lack of memory, especially for photos. If you’re like me and find it very hard to delete any photos, even if there from 4 years ago and blurry, then this is perfect for you. This app organizes your photos and combines them across multiple devices, meaning you can access them on your phone, tablet and computer. Best of all, the storage space is unlimited!
Free on App Store/Play Store
Clipsclips app logo
This is a super simple tool enabling you to edit videos, by recording, animating, transcribing and lastly publishing your custom video. This makes your videos unique to you, so much so you might be able to pass of as a professional (cannot guarantee this will happen)
Free on App Store/Play Store

Google Translategoogle translate app logo
If you’re planning on travelling anywhere and are limited to your one native tongue and maybe a bit of French, then you need to check out Google Translate. It can translate things in real time, so it makes any conversation 10 times easier. To make this even better if you download the language you need the app will work without a data connection. How amazing!
Free on App Store/Play Store
Venmo app logoVenmo
This app allows you to send your friends money if you don’t have any cash on you. Pay using debit card, credit card, bank account or Venmo balance. If gives you the option to split costs with multiple people making it perfect for dinners, cinema tickets etc. Its so easy to use, and you can withdraw the money from your account in one day.
Free on App Store/Play Store

HQ Trivia logoHQ Trivia
A new trivia game sweeping the nation. Allowing you to play against hundreds of thousands of people to win a REAL cash prize. With daily games available its easy to become hooked. Remember to be quick because you only have 10-seconds to answer 12 multiple choice trivia questions. Free on App Store/Play Store

Image result for tasty app logoTasty
I’m sure you’ve all seen this brightly coloured logo pop onto your screen from a social media site at some point. But this app is still worth the download, with loads of easy recipes for whatever occasion, all at your fingertips. Bring out the MasterChef within you.
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