3 Apps that can help you save storage space

3 Apps that can help you save storage space
Everybody hates the dreaded "no storage" message our phones seem to love displaying to us.

Luckily for us, three free apps have been created to help users maintain their smartphone space.  The more we use our smartphones (which is A LOT for most) the higher the risk we entail of running out of storage at the worst moments.
IPhone and Android have both released some good options to try out.
For Android users, the first on the list in Files Go. This app checks your storage and trashes old files allowing you to free up space. Luckily, the app itself is pretty lightweight so wont slow down your phone. It also allows you to share your files with people near by, a feature very similar to Apple's Airdrop.
Another free choice for Android is AMC Cleaner. This cleaner is best valued for its ability to deep scan your phone, finding the biggest files taking up the most storage space. This includes old messages from social media sites, and also old files you probably forgot to delete. Its very simple to use which adds to its quality.
For iPhone users, it would be silly not to check out the Magic Phone Cleaner app. Of course, being an Apple app, it has a very simple design which allows the user to easily asses their storage, identifying large picture/video files and deciding whether they are worth keeping or not.
This App is also free in the App Store. 

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