Apples New HomePod has a Mute Function

Apples New HomePod has a Mute Function
Apple has added a mute function to the new HomePod device.

There have been multiple reports and videos uploaded to YouTube showing devices like Amazon Echo accidently taking commands by overhearing general conversations.

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With smart speaker technology empowering our homes we expected life to get easier. However, smart speaking technology only works by always listening. This has some consumers worried that corporations may be listening to private conversations all day long.

Smart home device manufacturers have stated that their devices are not really listening and only react to general vocal commands. So, this poses an awkward question as to why some devices start ordering a pizza before you have even chosen what you want.
A tech journalists Filipe Esposito posted on Twitter
The images include different scene settings including the MUTE function. Most home listening devices now include a MUTE function which should help consumers trust the devices moving forward.
Amazon Echo’s mute button is a hardware switch which means a hacker should not be able to turn on the sound without you knows. It’s unclear if Google’s HomePod device will be a software based mute facility or another hardware switch.

Google’s HomePod should have been released in December 2017 but has been delayed until February 2018.

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