Best apps to help you to discover new music

Best apps to help you to discover new music
One of the most frustrating things I find about apps such as Apple Music and Spotify, is they never seem to have new and original music, mostly just charts or playlists that done update often enough. 

I mean c’mon, with over 44,000 musicians in the United Kingdom, you’d expect to see more of a variety on apps you pay £10 a month for. This is why I wanted to look into the best apps that will help you discover new music.
1. SpotyTube – Discover Music
So first of all, the best things about this app are the fact that it is free, has no ads and is accurate and has up to date music content.
It is foremost, a list of latest music that’s trending, topping the charts (bit annoying) or gone viral. It does use data from the three most popular music platforms (Spotify, Billboard and YouTube) but the music content list is accurate and always up to date, which is a very unique feature. You can also browse music by country as well as genre/artist.
You don’t have to purchase a music subscription to use SpotyTube, unlike Apple Music and Spotify.  Instead you can listen and watch all music videos for free.
2.  Uncovered – Record, Discover, & Share Music
Now this is a new social media app, designed for music lovers and musicians to record, discover and share new music. They have just got started so bare with them the app will be improving a lot.
As I pointed out earlier, Uncovered have realized that there are tones of people out there playing/creating music but we don’t have the time, equipment or technical know how to find these new tracks. Uncovered is changing that, allowing you to publish your own music and share them with people wanting to find new music.
As a listener you can discover new covers/songs and also leave feedback for artists!
3. Soundcloud
Soundcloud is a great way of exploring and finding new tracks, as it’s a platform used by upcoming music artists as well as known, to get their music out there.
You can use Soundcloud for free as long as you’re okay with adverts, and not being able to play full versions of some songs (usually chart hits). It is the world’s largest music and audio platform, letting people discover and enjoy the greatest selection of music from the most diverse creator community on earth. It has the ability to connect directly with artists, as well as unearthing breakthrough tracks, podcasts, raw demos and more.
This makes Soundcloud possible the best place to discover new music, with a fresh feed of new tracks everyday. You also have the ability to follow artists, or just other people’s likes, so they also make it onto your feed allowing more chance of you finding something you like.
You can purchase a subscription to soundcloud, with a 30 day free trial, then £9.99 a month following (similar to Spotify)
This app is available for iPhone and Android
Also don’t forget to use Shazam if you’re out and about and hear a song you like. Shazam takes a snippet of the song and finds out which track it is, it’s free to use and almost always works!
I hope this helps you find something new and interesting to listen to.

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